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Medihelp Medical Aid

With its head office in Pretoria and regional offices in Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Durban and Port Elizabeth, Medihelp medical aid is one of the largest schemes in South Africa, offering a wide range of benefits tailored to various ages and budgets. 

What is medical aid?

This is the question one must answer when they are in search of medical aid that will serve their needs within their affordability. It is a difficult task to make a decision one is presented with a wide range of medical schemes to choose from.

Medihelp Medical AidCredited with AA-rating – one of the highest ratings in the industry – by independent ratings company Global Credit Rating for their consistence in excellent financial performance, Medihelp continuous to better their service delivery and keep their loyal members as well as bring more on board, all by their attractive performance and the wide range of benefits on offer.

Medihelp Medical Aid has a different approach to addressing its members’ needs by appreciating the fact that the more the different members are, the more the needs will vary.

This scheme aims at satisfying the different lifestyles, ages and budgets of its members and potential members alike. Its plans address such factors as tailoring packages for both low-income and high-income earners.

The following are their products:

  • Necesse
  • Dimension Prime 1
  • Dimension Prime 2
  • Dimension Prime 3
  • Dimension Elite 


A basic hospital plan that offers comprehensive hospitalisation cover, including day-to-day benefits, access to this product is restricted to a network of healthcare providers appointed by the scheme. Members are covered for treatment of acute conditions as it is prescribed by a network professional. The medication also has to come from that pool selected by the team as network providers of healthcare services.

The Necesse plan allows for medication for chronic conditions to be procured from a preferred pharmacy. Apart from that, it also covers such other services as x-rays and blood tests that may be requested by an approved general practitioner. Hospitalisation as well as scheduled and emergency care is also covered under this plan. 

Dimension Prime 1

This is one plan that is ideal for those that are at peace with the thought of having a comprehensive medical cover and want to maintain their health. This also has one of the best hospital plans as membersbenefit from private hospitalisation. Including preventative care benefits the cover also takes care of day-to-day benefits, prescribed minimum benefits and trauma recovery. 

Dimension Prime 2

Apart from day-to-day benefits, this option has a savings account from which members can draw benefit from such services as eye care and dentistry.  

Dimension Prime 3

Designed to offer complete medical cover, and with the benefit of access to emergency medical services, this option also includes:

  • General radiology and pathology benefits
  • Optometry benefits
  • Dentistry benefits
  • Day-to-day benefits
  • Preventative care benefits

It also covers the diagnosis, treatment and care of 26 chronic conditions. 

Dimension Elite

As is the case with many medical aid schemes, Medihelp has the plan that is completely comprehensive. This option covers all of the benefits in the other options and gives the member access great range of benefits from ample day-to-day benefits to major medical benefits. Members of this option enjoy unlimited treatment as well as medical and surgical services. The preventative care benefits that fall under this plan include vaccinations (flu, HPV, tetanus) and an array of health tests.

In addition,pregnancy consultations and paediatric consultations are part and parcel of this plan. 

Knowing and understanding one’s needs and budget makes it easier to identify the best medical scheme and finding a suitable plan. © Medical Aid Plan

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