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Resolution medical aid offers a myriad of plan options and a rewards program

Resolution medical aid is powered by Resolution Health. In addition to great options they also offer a multi-faceted rewards program.  

Resolution medical aidResolution is one of the bigger medical aid schemes in South Africa. They offer a wide range of medical aid options to choose from. The number of benefits received varies from one plan to the next. Most of the plans can be used at any private hospital or doctor, though some of the plans are network linked.  

Below is a list of the plans Resolution medical aid has available, with some of the main benefits and premium start rates. 

Supreme option: This plan has unlimited hospital cover and  pays out up to 220% of the scheme’s rates. Generous day to day options are also included like unlimited GP visits. Cover starts at R2712 per month. 

Millennium Option: This option provides unlimited hospital cover paid up to 150% of the scheme rates. Day to day benefits are covered with a medical savings plan and an additional above threshold cover to pay for additional day to day expenses. Premiums start at R2518 per month. 

Classic option: This option provides hospital cover up to 150% of the scheme rates. Day to day cover is also provided based on scheme limits. Premiums start at R1626 per month. 

Progressive Flex Option: This option provides hospital cover at a selected designated hospital. It also includes day to day benefits. The Flex option is better suited to young healthy families. Cover starts from R1365 per month. 

Hospital Option: a hospital plan that pays up to 100% scheme rates cover at any private hospital. This plan also pays for certain chronic medications. Premiums start at R998 per month. 

Foundation Option: The foundation plan is an elemental form of medical aid, with in-hospital and day to day benefits at selected designated service providers. Premiums on the Foundation plan are calculated according to your income. 

Resolution medical aid also have a unique rewards program called Zurreal, where you will be rewarded for living a healthy lifestyle. The Zurreal plan has 3 options with different benefits to look at: 

Zurreal4life: Free access to a 24 hour legal helpline. Discounted prices at partner stores. 

Zurreal4life Gold: This option includes a welcome gift and roadside assistance in addition to the other benefits. 

Zurreal4life Platinum: This option includes gym benefits, free 6 months magazine subscriptions, health check rewards as well as travel deals in addition to the benefits in the other two plans. 

With all these options and rewards available Resolution medical aid might just be what you are looking for to find affordable medical aid that provides adequate cover and benefits. The sheer variety available at Resolution makes it a real competitor at the top of the South African open medical aid market.

For medical aid quotes at Resolution visit their website and request the quotes on the products you wish to view. Otherwise you can contact your medical aid broker for more information. © Medical aid plan

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