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  • Medical Aid Plan is where you can find all the information you need about medical aid funds, medical schemes, hospital plans and gap cover available in South Africa. Get a quote online by completing the form and receive an instant quotation by email or phone.
  • Find out what a medical scheme is compared to hospital cover, medical aids and other kinds of health cover available in South Africa today
  • A look at the medical aid options provided by the Oxygen Medical Scheme including benefits, prices and the various levels of medical care South Africans can choose
  • A range of questions to help South Africans to choose the best medical scheme including the different types of medical aid, hospital plans and health insurance options available.
  • A look at the benefits the medical aid plans at Liberty medical scheme offer to South Africans. Libhealth is one of the most respected and largest medical aids in the country
  • A definition of a medical aid and a list of the most popular medical aids in South Africa
  • A comprehensive article outlining the top 10 gaps in medical aid cover and how to fix them
  • Medical aid quotes in South Africa are now available online. Complete the form and hit the submit button to receive a quote by email or by phone. Hospital plans, gap cover and medical schemes
  • Affordable medical aid quotes. South Africans can now get instant medical scheme quotes online by completing the form here. Submit to receive a comparative quote by email or phone
  • Get comparative medical aid quotes on this website by completing the form and hitting the submit button. You will receive a no-obligation quotation by return email so you can explore the options
  • Medical aid quotes are now available on the internet. Compare quotes from several medical aids and insurance companies for medical scheme membership, hospital plans and gap cover
  • Find out the cost of medical cover in South Africa and explore this top website giving all the information about medical aids, hospital plans, gap cover prices and different options
  • Although the medical aid is called Cape Medical Aid, it is not limited to members living in the Cape. The medical aid is available to all the members in South Africa. Read more here.
  • A brief look at some of the options available at Fedhealth Medical Aid, including some of the major benefits. Fedhealth is one of South Africa's biggest and best medical aids
  • Read more about Medihelp Medical Aid, one of the largest open medical aid schemes in South Africa offering affordable medical aid cover to more than 216 000 South Africans
  • Free medical aid quotes are now available to South Africans right here on the website. Simply complete the form and hit the submit button to get a quote by email or phone
  • To find the best medical aid in South Africa takes a bit of research, time and comparison. This site gives comprehensive information on all schemes and you can get a quote too
  • a look at the debit card system one plan medical aid offers as part of their health insurance which also includes a brief layout of the plans available
  • a look at the plans available at Key medical aid including some of the main benefits
  • A comparison of medical aids in South Africa as they all differ widely as do their individual plans. Read an overall comparison of medical aid schemes to help find the best one for you
  • Ten things that will help the consumer to find more affordable medical aid
  • Sizwe Medical Aid is one of the largest and most respected medical schemes in South Africa. Read about their high-tech approach to medical quotes in this interesting article
  • Medical Aid in South Africa. An excellent article about all the medical aid options available to South Africans and how to go about joining a medical scheme for you and your family
  • Cape Medical Aid is a leading South African medical scheme that covers the whole country with an array of medical aid products for varying needs and budgets
  • An explanation of medical aid including the different plans available and the cost implications of joining a medical scheme or buying hospital cover
  • This page takes an in depth look at the plans and rewards programmes offered by Resolution Medical Aid which is one of the largest open medical aid schemes in South Africa
  • Find the cheapest medical aid in South Africa by searching this website and getting an online quote
  • A look at the plans Hosmed medical aid offers with the main benefits listed
  • A brief look at the plans available at Liberty medical aid with some of the benefits listed
  • A look at the plans available at Clientele medical aid including their benefits and additional information on how to make hospital insurance work for you
  • If you are wondering how to join medical aids in South Africa, this is the website for you. We have comprehensive information about all medical schemes, hospital plans and gap cover
  • Compare the different medical aid options and additional benefits Momentum medical aid offers all South Africans eligible to join a medical scheme
  • If you have a medical aid claim dispute this article will help to teach you how to go about getting your dispute with your South African medical aid scheme or hospital insurer
  • Do medical aids cover acne treatment. Find out if your medical scheme has a procedure for getting teenage or adult acne treated by professionals on an ongoing basis in South Africa
  • South African medical aid schemes are sitting on tens of billions of your money in case a disease on the scale of the Black Death breaks out. But is this wise and right.
  • Here are the top 10 facts about medical aids in South Africa that everyone needs to know. Do not find yourself out of pocket and suffering because you did not join a medical scheme
  • A brief overview of the plans, benefits and costing available at Medshield Medical Aid, one of South Africa's medical aid schemes with thousands of members
  • An overview of the various cash back medical aids in South Africa
  • Here are the top 10 reasons why you need medical aid in South Africa today. Don't find yourself penniless because you have had to pay medical expenses out of your pocket
  • Find out why medical aid cover is essential in South Africa today, where the public health system is under enormous pressure and only private health care will do for your family
  • What does medical aid cover. Find out so you make sure you are buying the right medical scheme product to ensure the good health of your family
  • Medical aids compared is an article that gives you a real handle on the differences and similarities between the offerings of Bonitas Discovery Gems and other medical schemes
  • The best medical aid is not necessarily the biggest such as Discovery or Bonitas medical aid. It all depends on your requirements and how you perceive the medical scheme
  • A look at the products, plans and benefits offered by Key Health Medical Aid which is one of South Africa's top medical schemes in the open medical aid sector
  • There are many medical aid schemes available in South Africa. Knowing the top ten facts about these schemes makes it easier to choose the right one for you and your family
  • Resolution Health Medical Aid has an interesting range of health plans, hospital cover and comprehensive medical aid schemes for every budget. Read more here
  • Medical aid brokers can be useful to help you cut through the red tape and the complications associated with signing up with a medical aid scheme in South Africa
  • There are cash back medical aids for those who have to save every cent. Discovery Health, Oxygen, Selfmed, Bonitas, Gems
  • Find the cheapest medical aid that pays the most for dread diseases, chronic conditions, specialist care and rehabilitaton. Discovery Health, Clientele, Bonitas, Selfmed
  • Don't become aware of your medical aid medical payout ceilings only when it is too late. Learn here about the hazards of the self payment gap
  • Do medical aids cover asthma treatment. All South African medical aids are required by law to cover asthma treatment as it is classed as a chronic condition. Read more here.
  • How Medical Aids Pay Claims. Medical aid companies in South Africa have specific processes they following in determining what medical claims to pay. Read the details here.
  • All you need to know in order to find affordable medical aid in South Africa, including a full list of all medical aid companies in the country, open and restricted
  • Gems medical aid offers very good service at a market competitive level tailored to the affordability of public service workers at all levels of government.
  • Gem medical aid is cover designed to meet the needs of government employees it competes well with other medical aid schemes in South Africa
  • Responsibilities of Medical Aid Members. Just as the medical aid are obliged to deliver certain goods and services to their members, so the members have reciprocal responsibilities
  • KeyHealth Medical Aid. Essential information about the options available to South Africans at this go ahead and refreshingly different medical scheme company
  • What is a Medical Aid? All the answers to your questions about what a medical aid scheme can and cannot offer. Discovery Health, Fedhealth, Gems and Sizwe
  • What is medical aid. Here is the all the information South Africans need about different medical aid schemes and other health insurance, Discovery, Liberty, Oxygen and Bonitas included
  • All you need to know about medical aids and health schemes and their responsibilities with regard to glaucoma treatment
  • All the information you need to know about your medical aid's responsibilities and obligations regarding breast cancer treatment
  • Here is a clear, no nonsense answer to the question as to whether South African medical aids cover weight loss procedures and treatment
  • a look at the premium products offered by key health medical aid
  • prosano medical aid offeres unique benefits plans and options
  • Simplifying the process of joining a South African medical aid, and some pointers on late joiner penalties, waiting periods and exclusions. Excellent articles on an informative website
  • Everything about choosing a medical aid. A brief description of what a medical aid is, the types of medical aids available and the questions you should ask before joining
  • a look at the plans available at Resolution health medical aid as well as their rewards program
  • A look at the lower end of the Discovery Health medical aid options with the main benefits and rates included. Discovery is the leading open medical scheme in South Africa
  • information regarding bonita medical scheme including their sponsorships medical aid options and financial status
  • a look at why medical cover is essential including the benefits of medical cover and medical aid options available.
  • How to change medical aids easily, sensibly, cheaply and without causing undue disruption in your medical care and that of your family. Read this informative article
  • Medical aid payout ceilings and who they affect most and how to protect yourself against possible financial losses. This is a must read article for South African medical aid members
  • Beware of medical aid perks. A look at the pros and cons of rewards programs and the factors you should consider when purchasing a medical aid in South Africa
  • Choose the right medical aid in South Africa. Consider the coverage of specialty care and hospital treatments and tests. Learn about Discovery, Bonitas, Genesis and Libhealth
  • What is a medical aid. Find out the advantages of South African medical aids in providing health care and medical treatment. Discovery, Momentum, Genesis, Fedhealth, Liberty
  • The criteria to use in deciding which medical aid is the cheapest medical aid in South Africa. Is it Discovery Fedhealth Momentum Genesis Bonitas GEMS Selfmed Libhealth
  • How are South African medical aids compared. There are criteria to compare and choose the best medical aid scheme for your needs. Discovery, Libhealth, Momentum, Bonitas
  • Effective 2013 Pro Sano medical aid and Bonitas medical aidare mergid into a single medical aid scheme. Bonitas had been in business for about 30 years prior to the merger.
  • A look at the products Bonitas Medical Aid offers, with some of the main benefits and start up costs included. Switch from Discovery Fedhealth Libhealth Genesis Key Health Oxygen
  • How do you choose the best medical aid in South Africa. What are the criteria in choosing the best medical aid schemes including Discovery Bonitas Fedhealth Sizwe and Gems
  • 4 Tips in choosing an affordable medical aid. Costs, benefits, and your requirements are factors to consider when selecting a medical aid scheme in South Africa
  • bonitas medical aid has been in business for 30 years It describes its benefits in 4 major groups making it easy to understand
  • momentum medical aid has a wide range of hospital and plans and it rewards members who take their health seriously
  • In South Africa there are two types of cash back medical aids, hospital plans and medical schemes. Reat this excellent article and request a quote to be delivered to your email
  • Gems Medical Aid is the medical scheme for government employees and there are five different plans. Gems is for South African government employees only hence the name
  • a look at the unique benefits fedhealth medical scheme offers their members
  • a list of facts unknown about key health medical scheme plus a brief look at the plans on offer including the easy-ER option
  • a look at the additional emergency cover and benefits available at discovery medical scheme
  • some ideas on how to save money with Discovery health medical scheme
  • how to choose a medical scheme and what a medical scheme is plus the different kinds you find. and the factors to consider
  • the rules set out for medical schemes and 7 uncomplicated steps on how to join medical schemes
  • 10 steps on how to change medical schemes including a brief look at waiting periods and exclusions
  • A look at why the cost of medical cover is so high in South Africa and an investigation into whether it is worth buying into a medical aid scheme
  • A look at the medical aid plans available to South African families at Bestmed Medical Scheme and the healthy habits sun care program they provide at schools
  • selfmed medical aid has four plans the basic hospital plan Medxxi, and selfmedselfsure plus selfmed 80% and med elite also Included in this scheme is comprehensive hiv/aids support
  • gem medical aid is a closed medical aid scheme available for government employees the five medical plans are named after gemstones.
  • medihelp medical aid is one of the largest medical aids in south africa with 100 years’ experience and their main aim is good customer service plus offering 6 different medical scheme options
  • bestmed medical aid offers three groups of medical aid schemes beat pace and pulse
  • sizwe medical aid promises efficient service with its modern technology. it also provides three simple options that have no confusing terminology
  • There are many ways in South Africa to approach a comprehensive health plan for your family, including the various health schemes, medical funds, hospital plans and gap cover.
  • A Liberty Hospital Plan is supplementary health insurance that gives you total peace of mind, knowing that your family will receive the best medical care when required
  • Discovery Health hospital plans are affordable options for people who are not inclined to invest in a full medical scheme. Information about the KeyCare network and getting quotes.
  • Discovery Health hospital plan options explained including information about the KeyCare network and the various Core options. Apply for a Discovery hospital plan quote online
  • How to choose hospital plans in South Africa. A look at what hospital plans are and the factors to consider when choosing a plan. Beware a hospital plan is not medical aid.
  • Is it worthwhile having a hospital plan in these day of rocketing private hospital costs in South Africa or is a comprehensive medical aid scheme plan sufficient cover
  • This is an important article about what hospital plans do not cover. Make sure you do not have too little medical insurance. Perhaps you need comprehensive medical aid
  • There are many ways to define hospital insurance. Read this to make sure you understand the different between hospital cover and comprehensive medical cover
  • How to Choose a Hospital Plan. Find out about all the various hospital plans available and which one is the right one for your family.
  • The Fedhealth Hospital Plan is a useful addition to any medical aid portfolio, going a long way towards covering your hospital costs in the case of illness or accident
  • Medihelp Hospital Plan. Ensure that you family will have top class hospital care available in the event of illness or an accident. Information about this and other hospital plans
  • Discovery Health Hospital Plan is one of the leading hospital plans in South Africa. Anyone can join as a member and be certain of excellent health care in the event of illness or an accident
  • All you need to know about the Clientele Life Hospital Plan with contact details and online application links. Further information about Clientele Life's offering
  • Investing in a Resolution Hospital Plan could make things much smoother if ever you or one of your dependents incurs major hospital costs. Read all the information here
  • While the Discovery Hospital Plan is not comprehensive medical aid, having a plan of this kind can go a long way to covering the cost of private care should you need hospitalisation
  • The Clientele Hospital Plan is one of the leading hospital plans available to South Africans. Read more about this life-saving scheme here
  • All the information you require about the One Plan Hospital Plan, along with info about other hospital plans, gap cover and other South African medical aid scheme advice
  • Health insurance is fairly new in South Africa, and today there are dozens of options among the various medical schemes, gap cover plans, hospital insuranc and more
  • Self insurance is an alternative option when South Africans are considering how you would cover medical expenses especially if you were to be hospitalised
  • Is healthcare insurance the same as a medical aid. Find out the important differences between buying health insurance and joining a medical scheme
  • Healthcare in South Africa is under considerable pressure due to the sheer number of people who rely on the public health system. Just a few have private medical aid
  • In South Africa belonging to a company health fund or a medical scheme may not be enough. Consider medical insurance to make sure you never need to pay in for health benefits.
  • South Africans who belong to medical schemes might want to take out gap cover or top up plans to ensure they never have to personally bear medical expenses
  • Why you need dread disease cover quite apart from your regular medical aid scheme cover. The rising cost of treating dread diseases such as cancer is the core reason
  • What are gap cover and top-up plans? This page tells South African medical aid members the factors they need to consider when purchasing this type of cover
  • Is your medical aid sufficient health cover. Read this article to find out once and for all if you need more health insurance, gap cover or a more comprehensive medical scheme.
  • There are nearly one hundred medical aid companies in South Africa. It requires some research to work out what company is right for you. Here we give some pointers.
  • Discovery Medical Aid is the largest open medical scheme in South Africa, meaning that anyone can join. Find out here about the various schemes they offer
  • All you need to know about the Bonitas Medical Aid company, a popular medical scheme in South Africa. Bonitas is open to everyone
  • Momentum Medical Aid information that South Africans can use to make informed decisions about medical scheme and hospital cover choices.
  • Genesis Medical Scheme is a medium sized medical aid scheme in South Africa. It has a great reputation for stability and fairness. Read more about it here
  • Liberty Medical Scheme. South Africans have access to some of the best open medical aid schemes in the world. All the information about Liberty and other medical aid companies
  • Learn all about the innovative products available at Fedhealth Medical Aid. Every South African deserves medical cover and Fedhealth has many plans on offer
  • Selfmed Medical Aid is a large and well-established medical aid scheme in South Africa. Read here about the various kinds of medical cover they provide
  • Discover all you need to know about Medihelp Medical Aid to make an informed decision about health cover for you and your family
  • Find out why Sizwe Medical Aid is becoming one of the most popular medical schemes in South Africa
  • Bestmed Medical Aid information about the various plans and options available to South Africans who want the best medical cover to insurance against all health events
  • Take a look at all the information about the Spectramed Medical Aid scheme options before making a decision about which medical scheme is perfect for you and your family
  • Medshield Medical Aid is a stable and well-established medical scheme that offers great benefits to its members. South Africans can learn more about the scheme here
  • Bestmed medical aid has served South Africanslonger than most medical schemes and experienced offers detailed options and a number of ranges of its medical aid plans
  • Sizwe Medical Aid is an old medical scheme that is not well known but provides its members with very attractive and affordable plans to fit your needs and budget.
  • Oxygen Medical Aid is a medical scheme in South Africa that is strong and growing stronger. Here is all the information you need about joining Oxygen medical scheme
  • Find out more about Resolution Medical Aid and all the various plans they offer South Africans. Resolution is a one of the most respected medical schemes in the country
  • Pharos Medical Aid offers a wide range of medical scheme choices. Be sure to check out the Pharos information here before making your final choice of medical aid for you and your family
  • Key Health Medical Scheme. All the information South Africans require about this go ahead medical aid company. Contact details and important links to further health cover info
  • The Prosano Medical Aid is one of the leaders in health care provision in South Africa. Find out all the information about Prosano and make the right decision for your family
  • A look at the medical aid options available at Oxygen Medical Aid with the main benefits of each plan included. Oxygen is a major name on the South African medical scheme scene
  • Oxygen Medical Scheme. All the details about this scheme as well as other medical aids such as Discovery, Liberty, Pharos, Spectramed, Sizwe and Bonitas
  • All the information you need about the Pro Sano Medical Aid so that you can make a wise decision regarding the health and welfare of yourself and your family
  • Discovery Medical Plan information. Discovery is the largest open medical aid company in South Africa, covering the health of over two million South Africans
  • Gem Medical Aid provides South African government employees with medical cover. More information about Gems and other supplementary gap cover and health insurance
  • The Gems Medical Scheme services South African government employees with top medical aid. Find information about the scheme here, along with data about supplementary hospital insurance and gap cover
  • A look at the additional programmes and rewards Bankmed medical scheme offers their members. Bankmed is a closed medical scheme for employees in the banking industry only.
  • All the information you need about the Selfmed Medical Aid scheme right here on one page, plus extra information about hospital plans and other health insurance products
  • Comprehensive information about the Clientele Medical Aid scheme. Everything you need to know about what this company offers. Clientele is open to everyone
  • Hosmed is one of the leading medical aids in South Africa, serving the public and private sector with its range of comprehensive schemes. Here is all the information you need about Hosmed
  • Among the superb medical schemes available to South Africans is the excellent Cape Medical Aid fund. Read everything you need to know about it here.
  • Discovery Health Medical Aid is the largest open medical scheme in South Africa, meaning that anyone can join. Read about the various Discovery plans available
  • Gems Medical Aid is a popular medical scheme in South Africa. Find out more information about Gems and the medical benefits available to members
  • Pharos medical aid is one of the few medical aid schemes that have very comprehensive plans to cater for different lifestyles and budgets, including options for sportsmen and women
  • A look at the high end medical aid products available to South Africans at Discovery Medical Aid including a brief look at their rewards program and hospital plans
  • Oxygen Medical Aid merged with Medshield Scheme in 2010 providing various benefits and great affordability. Read about the new plan options here
  • Get a medical aid quote here
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