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Bestmed medical aid is one of oldest and very experienced schemes that provide medical aid to South Africans. Bestmed Medical AidIt is one of the most popular schemes on the landscape, thanks to its excellent service provision gained over years of experience. Its large membership base is as a result of the fact that it is understandably renowned for lowest annual increases in member contributions.  

What is medical aid?

Medical service, such as treatment and specialist treatment, can be very expensive to access. Funds like Bestmed make healthcare easily accessible to members of a medical scheme. It is a convenient facility designed to improve the preparedness for illness and accidents as well as the wellness of subscribed members. This facility differs from scheme to scheme in terms of costs as well as cocktail of services provided. 

What is a medical aid scheme?

This is a statutory mutual fund whose business is to provide medical aid to members subscribed to it. Bestmed medical aid is one such scheme.

In providing its services, the scheme has a range of plansthat are on offer to its clientele. These are branded as Beat Range, Pace Range and Pulse Range. The plans are further broken down into sections,

Beat Range

This plan is simple and straightforward. It is designed for people who want an easy-to-understand and beneficial plan.The Beat range has three options within it:

  • Beat 1 – This option is targeted at younger members who are healthy and are particular about their wellness. It includes full in-hospital cover should an emergency arise. The plan also, interestingly, includes the provision of oral contraceptives and flu vaccines in its cover.
  • Beat 2 – As well as offer extensive hospital and chronic disease medication cover, this option ideal for small families as it is the perfect solution for members who are careful about preventing illness. In that respect, it has as cover for contraceptives and immunisations, includingflu vaccines.
  • Beat 3 – This option takes care of a wide rangehospital benefits as well as cover for unforeseen chronic medication and is ideal for those about to start a family as it also has adequate maternity benefits.

Pace Range

This range is a comprehensivehospital plan additionally funded Bestmed medical aid and further savings. Members benefit from the flexibility of managing daily and out-of-hospital expenses. There Pace Range has four options:

  • Pace 1 – This is the option ideal for a healthy, growing family. Along with a hospital cover, this option offers day-to-day cover. It also takes cares of medical tests and a number of vaccines and has chronic medication cover.
  • Pace 2 – With adequate out-of-hospital benefits and cover for various chronic conditions, this option is ideal for an established family, offering the liberty to choose doctors and specialists, apart the benefit ofa decent amount of day-to-day cover.
  • Pace 3 – This option coverschronic diseases and hospitalisation and is therefore ideal for a mature family. Itssubstantial day-to-day medical cover does not affect a member’s savings account.
  • Pace 4 – This is comprehensive plan designed for those families that are likely to accrue medical expenses exceeding the average. With its offer for security of extensive benefits for hospitalisation and chronic diseases, this option is ideal for older families. The option also includes day-to-day care and preventative care. 

Pulse Range

This range provides full hospital cover that includes various out-of-hospital benefits although these can only be accessed fromproviders inthe scheme’s network. It has two options:

  • Pulse 1 – This option has anall-inclusive hospital cover and a comprehensive day-to-day benefits provision. Furthermore, it covers travel,chronic medication and wellness management programmes as well as GP consultations.
  • Pulse 2 – In addition toflu vaccinations and paediatric immunisations, this option also has a provision for extensive cover for both in- and out-of-hospital expensesand includes medicines. 

Bestmed medical aid is poised to offer a variety of plans with options in them. This goes well for choice of service commensurate to one’s needs and budgets. © Medical Aid Plan



Medical Aid QuoteNOTES:

Your medical aid quote will include options to suit your pocket. Please ensure that the cover you select is exactly what you need and that you understand exactly what insurance you are buying. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the medical aid or hospital cover you choose.