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Clientele Medical AidTo use the term Clientele Medical Aid is a bit of a misnomer because this company is not, strictly speaking, a medical aid service provider. Instead, it is a life insurance company that also offers special policies that cover hospitalization. It would therefore be more correct to call their products health insurance, rather than medical aid plans.


How Does It Work?


Instead of becoming members of a registered medical scheme, individuals purchase policies from Clientele. These policies pay cash benefits whenever the policy holder is hospitalized. The money that is paid out can be used for paying the medical expenses, but this is not compulsory. In fact, the money could be used for anything whatsoever. Some people use it to cover their loss of income whilst is hospital, others use it to buy groceries or to pay urgent bills; the list is endless.




Why is This Type Of Insurance Advantageous?


The cost of hospitalization is not always limited to the actual cost of treatment. Many people lose their income if they do not work. This can have a domino effect leading to unpaid bills and loved ones that struggle to survive. Medical aids will only be concerned with the cost of medical treatment while a policy from Clientele will provide ready cash for use wherever it is most needed.


There is another very important advantage: it is illegal to belong to more than one medical aid scheme but there are no laws against having a medical aid and an insurance policy on top of it!Therefore: even those people that will not be devastated by hospitalization can always do with some extra cash. A policy from Clientele will provide that without any questions asked. If you are hospitalized, you will receive the benefits specified in your policy. End of story.


What Options Do Clientele Medical Aid Offer?


The company offer three separate packages that are sure to suit every need and budget.


  1.      The Clientele Accident Plan is meant for accident victims. In most cases, people will think that the term accident refers to a motor vehicle accident but this is not the case. One can end up in hospital due to many accidents and it is important to ask the insurer exactly what accidents are covered. This plan is only valid if the policy holder is hospitalized for more than one day. Benefits are paid from the very first day and could range from R250.00 to R2000.oo per day, depending on the premium. There are additional benefits to this plan; if the patient should die there are automatic funeral benefits and the cost of intensive care is also covered.
  2.          The Hospital Cash Back plan will satisfy just about every need. However, benefits are only awarder from the third day in hospital. Payments range from R350.00 to R3 000.00 rand per day spent in hospital. This plan covers maternity benefits, ICU treatment and there is even an accidental death benefit. A unique aspect of this specific plan is the fact that all moneys are refunded to the policy holder if no claim is made within sixty months.
  3.          The Premium Hospital Cash Back Plan is similar to the Hospital Cash Back Plan but it pays more. Policy holders can expect payments of up to R5000.00 per day spent in hospital. In addition, this plan offers full cover for dread diseases such as cancer.


Clientele Medical Aid certainly offers a host of alternative health cover policies. Most people are dissatisfied with their medical aid funds; some lose income, others are not able to support their families and the bills may pile up while the bread winner is ill in hospital. This is where Clientele Medical Aid can come to the rescue. © Medical Aid Plan