Medical Aid Plan - Discovery Medical Aid Overview

Discovery Medical Aid Overview

Discovery Medical Aid is one of the biggest medical aid schemes in South Africa. Premiums at Discovery can range from high for the best comprehensive plans to low for hospital plans. Discovery Medical Aid

With a choice between 21 different medical aid options you will be sure to find affordable medical aid. We are going to take a look at their top range plans and the Vitality rewards program.

The top range plans are:

Executive plan: This plan includes hospital cover of up to R10 million when travelling abroad. Unlimited hospital cover in any private hospital. Day to day cover in the form of a medical savings account with an annual limit of up to R11292 per adult. Benefits for chronic medication and new technology or treatments are included. This plan offers the highest day to day limits. The premiums on this plan start at R 3764 per month.

Comprehensive series: These plans provide unlimited hospital cover in private or network (Delta plans) hospitals. Some plans have high savings accounts to cover your day to day expenses. The plans include cover for chronic diseases and new medical technology or treatments. Emergency medical cover for 90 days or up to R5 million when travelling abroad.

• Classic Comprehensive: From R3086 per month (at 2013 prices).

• Classic Delta Comprehensive: From R2708 per month.

• Classic Comprehensive Zero MSA: R2315 per month.

• Essential Comprehensive: From R2594 per month.

• Essential Delta Comprehensive: From R2335 per month.

The Priority Series: These plans include unlimited hospital cover in a private hospital of your choice. Essential benefits for chronic medicine included. Your day to day medical expenses are covered by a medical savings account. 90 days or up to R5 million cover for medical emergencies while travelling abroad. A deposit is required for certain procedures performed in hospital.

• Classic Priority: The savings account funds from R6204. The premiums for this plan start at R2069.

• Essential Priority: The savings account has funds from R3192. Premiums start at R1778.

Discovery medical aid has a rewards program called Vitality. The Vitality program offers travel, shopping and lifestyle rewards. The main goal of the program is to know your health and live healthier.

Some of the benefits of the Vitality program:

• Lifestyle rewards includes; cash back at certain pharmacies and health stores, discounted movie tickets, Pre-paid mobile savings, and savings on internet services.

• Travel Rewards includes; discount on bus and flight tickets, car rental, international holidays and hotel stays.

• Discovery mall rewards: Shop at the Discovery mall at reduced prices, the mall also has competitions where you can win goods and travel packages.

• Discovery Mobile rewards: Discovery has made a deal with Cell C to offer you the best mobile contracts available.

• You can earn Discovery miles whenever you use your discovery card to shop. These miles can be used as a cash back option, saving for travel or for shopping at the Vitality mall.

For medical aid quotes at Discovery Medical Aid, visit your medical aid broker or the Discovery website to find what you need. © Medical Aid Plan