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Discovery Medical Plan


Discovery is a giant in the South African medical scheme industry; in fact it is the biggest service provider. They are one of only a very select group of South African corporations that enjoy the coveted AA+ credit rating from the respected and influential Global Credit Ratings.


Discovery Medical PlanThere is a Discovery medical plan that will suit the needs and budget of just about anybody.




What makes Discovery stand out from other medical schemes?


·        They pay their claims quickly and they have an extraordinary seven billion rand in cash reserves, making them one of the strongest companies in the country in terms of financial resources.

·        They have a wide range of plans that will suit any need and members are able to upgrade or downgrade their cover as their circumstances change.

·        Compared with other medical aids in South Africa, Discovery boasts the lowest annual increase in premiums and they have been doing so for several years running.

·        Many plans offer cover for people traveling internationally. In addition, most plans make provision for members to enjoy all their benefits when traveling in sub-Saharan Africa. This cover even includes emergency evacuation. Discovery even owns its own ambulance helicopters which are stationed in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.

·        The company offers special plans that include experimental treatments, advanced treatment technology and expensive medication that is not offered by any other medical aid. There are even plans that make provision for treatment at overseas facilities if such treatment is not accessible in South Africa.

·        Most plans include a medical savings plan that allows members to manage their day-to-day medical expenses. Unused funds are carried over to the next year, allowing members to achieve real savings and a fund from which unexpected cost can be paid.

·        Many plans offer members extensive screening and prevention benefits. These benefits are vital in helping members to prevent disease from developing or to be diagnosed in the early stages of many conditions.

·        The very size of Discovery allows it to negotiate better rates with doctors, specialists and hospitals. The savings thus achieved is passed on to the members.

·        All members have the option to also join the Vitality program. This one-of-a-kind scientific program is aimed at all-inclusive wellness.


More information about the various Discovery medical plans


Discovery Medical Plan offers six distinct ranges, each with various plans:


1.  The Executive Range. These plans are comprehensive and they offer full hospital benefits, out-of-hospital cover, and full cover for the treatment of chronic conditions. Members are able to enjoy the latest treatments and the very best medical technology.

2.  The Comprehensive Range. Plans in this range also offer full hospitalization benefits and comprehensive day-to-day medical cover. All the plans in this range also feature a medical savings plan that allows members to take charge of their out-of-hospital medical expenses.

3.  The Priority Range. These plans also offer members a medical savings plan that can be used to pay for treatment once the limits of a specific category in a plan in reached. Most plans include medication for a wide range of chronic conditions. Members have to check with the scheme to determine whether a specific condition is included. All members are covered for trauma treatment and recovery.

4.  The Saver Range. The plans in tis range focus more upon hospital benefits. Members enjoy comprehensive cover when they are hospitalized but the plans also include cover for some day-to-day medical expenses and treatment for many chronic conditions. Members are able to save money by opting for the Delta Network. In such a case members must make use of prescribed hospitals but they save a significant amount on their premiums if they do so.

5.  The Core Range. These plans allow for a limited number of benefits regarding day-to-day medical treatments, including medication for a number of chronic diseases but they provide excellent hospitalization benefits. Members of plans in this range can also opt for the Delta Network.

6.  The KeyCare Range. These plans are aimed at people with lower incomes. Members are able to access quality in-hospital treatment at an approved range of hospitals and medical practitioners.





Medical Aid QuoteNOTES:

Your medical aid quote will include options to suit your pocket. Please ensure that the cover you select is exactly what you need and that you understand exactly what insurance you are buying. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the medical aid or hospital cover you choose.