Category: Hospital Plans

  • What Hospital Plans Do Not Cover

    This is an important article about what hospital plans do not cover. Make sure you do not have too little medical insurance. Perhaps you need comprehensive medical aid

  • Resolution Hospital Plan

    Investing in a Resolution Hospital Plan could make things much smoother if ever you or one of your dependents incurs major hospital costs. Read all the information here

  • Oneplan Health Insurance Options

    Oneplan health insurance options are short-term products to insure you against losses incurred from a hospital stay and other unexpected health events. Apply here.

  • Medihelp Hospital Plan

    Medihelp Hospital Plan. Ensure that you family will have top class hospital care available in the event of illness or an accident. Information about this and other hospital plans

  • One Plan Hospital Plan

    All the information you require about the One Plan Hospital Plan, along with info about other hospital plans, gap cover and other South African medical aid scheme advice

  • Is It Worthwhile Having a Hospital Plan

    Is it worthwhile having a hospital plan in these day of rocketing private hospital costs in South Africa or is a comprehensive medical aid scheme plan sufficient cover

  • Hospital Plans

    There are many ways in South Africa to approach a comprehensive health plan for your family, including the various health schemes, medical funds, hospital plans and gap cover.

  • How to Choose Hospital Plans

    How to choose hospital plans in South Africa. A look at what hospital plans are and the factors to consider when choosing a plan. Beware a hospital plan is not medical aid.

  • How to Choose a Hospital Plan

    How to Choose a Hospital Plan. Find out about all the various hospital plans available and which one is the right one for your family.