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Discovery Hospital Plan


Discovery Health is a major player in the South African health industry. It is, in fact, the largest medical aid scheme in the country. Discovery Hospital PlanThe Discovery hospital plan is just one of many products offered by this giant player in the health arena.The company enjoys and is proud of its rating as AA+ in international financial circles, an achievement that no other scheme can claim. This fact alone should reassure members that they are in good hands and that their claims will be paid.


A Focus on Affordable Health Cover


Discovery, as the largest health insurance company in South Africa is fully aware of the fact that many people simply cannot afford comprehensive cover. They also understand the fact that some people, especially those that are young, fit and healthy simply do not feel the need for such expensive cover. That is why they have introduced a Discovery Hospital Planfor every pocket. These plans make provision for those unforeseen emergencies and situations where hospitalization becomes necessary. Everybody knows that hospital treatment, especially if surgery and intensive treatments become necessary can be prohibitively expensive. Very few people have the cash reserves to cope with such sudden expense demands.


What Hospital Cover Does Discovery Offer?


The unique KeyCare range of plans includes two services that cater specifically for hospitalization. It is important to understand the fact that both these plans are based upon the existence of the KeyCare network. This network consists of a selection of hospitals. Doctors, specialist and other health care professionals that have entered into an agreement with Discovery to provide their services at agreed rates. Members are compelled to make use of the services of those professionals that are part of the network. Both plans share certain important benefits:


  • In both cases members are fully covered when they need to be hospitalized. All the costs are included, including the fees of specialists, surgery and medication. It is necessary for members to make sure that their chosen specialist is part of the KeyCare network, however. It is also important to study the list of treatments and procedures that are covered by each plan. 
  • Those who are members of the KeyCare Plus plan can expect to be treated at casualty units of any of the approved hospitals in the network but members that have subscribed to the KeyCare Core program do not have access to these benefits. However, even members of the KeyCare Plus program will have to pay a portion of the consultation fee. 
  • Treatment for mental health as well as drug and alcohol abuse is part of both plans. Members are covered for the first twenty one days of treatment in approved facilities. 
  • All members enjoy cover for a wide variety of chronic conditions. Medication must be on the list of approved medicines, however, and it must be dispensed by an approved pharmacy that is also part of the network. 
  • Members of the Core plan enjoy no day-to-day medical care benefits, but members of the Plus plan have access to GP’s, dentists and optometrists that are part of the network. The latter plan also makes provision for covering members for a very wide variety of disabilities, including the purchase of devices to assist mobility and hygiene. 


Discovery has gone to great lengths to provide all South Africans with affordable health care cover. The Discovery hospital plan is just one of many options that will help people to rest assured that they will receive the best possible treatment when calamity strikes. © Medical Aid Plan



Medical Aid QuoteNOTES:

Your medical aid quote will include options to suit your pocket. Please ensure that the cover you select is exactly what you need and that you understand exactly what insurance you are buying. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the medical aid or hospital cover you choose.