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Fedhealth has a long and proud history of providing South Africans with affordable and flexible medical care options. The Fedhealth hospital plan is just one of many products that are designed to fit every possible need and budget.


Fedhealth Hospital PlanThe company knows that every person wants only the very best medical care when disease strikes or when an accident occurs. Yet many people simply cannot afford comprehensive cover. For these people and for those that is still healthy, young and unlikely to contract a chronic condition the range of Fedhealth hospital plans have been designed.


What is a Medical Hospital Plan All About?


These plans cover hospitalization costs. In most cases all the expenses of treatments, medication and procedures are covered while the member is in hospital. It is a viable option for those that are young and healthy and those that cannot afford comprehensive medical aid. Accidents can happen at any time and treatment at a private hospital can be horrendously expensive. In fact, very few people have the ready cash to pay for such treatment.


There are six plans in the Fedhealth Hospital Plan range and each Fedhealth hospital plan is designed to suit a specific need and budget:


  1.     The Maxima Entry Zone Plan offers unrestricted treatment in a private hospital but members have to make use of hospitals that have been approved by the scheme. Chronic diseases that appear on the Prescribed Minimum Benefit list are also covered. One distinctive characteristic of this plan is that it also covers trauma treatment in a casualty unit, something very few other similar plans offer.
  2.     The Maxima Core Plan is an uncomplicated but affordable plan. Members are still able to obtain treatment at pre-approved private hospitals but expenses such as emergency transport and treatment at a casualty ward are not included. However, it does include certain out-of-hospital procedures such as a variety of scans.
  3.     The Maxima Basis Plan provides members with unlimited medical care at previously approved private hospitals. This cover is provided at twice the normal medical aid rates, making it less likely that members will have to pay some of the cost of treatment from their own pockets. This plan also includes the cost of scans and trauma counselling.
  4.      The Maxima Standard Plan is the most popular of all the hospital plans offered by Fedhealth. Members are able to choose any private hospital they wish and they enjoy unlimited in-hospital cover. It covers trauma and casualty treatment and members are even able to obtain free contraceptives. One of the main reasons why this plan is popular is because it allows dependents up to the age of twenty seven at the same rate that would apply for children. It is ideal for families that need to make provision for accidents and medical emergencies.
  5.     The Maxima Exec Plan offers members several benefits that are not included in the other plans. Apart from unlimited in-hospital cover at a hospital of the member’s choice, it also provides for the treatment of more than fifty chronic conditions. As with the Standard Plan, dependents up to the age of twenty seven are charged the same as children. This plan furthermore also makes provision for a variety if day-to-day medical expenses.
  6.     The Maxima Plus Hospital Plan is the flagship of the range. It offers unlimited in-hospital benefits at any hospital. It also includes generous out-of-hospital benefits and post-hospitalization cover. This is the most expensive Fedhealth hospital plan but it also offers excellent benefits to those who want only the very best medical care. © Medical Aid Plan



Medical Aid QuoteNOTES:

Your medical aid quote will include options to suit your pocket. Please ensure that the cover you select is exactly what you need and that you understand exactly what insurance you are buying. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the medical aid or hospital cover you choose.