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Resolution Hospital Plan  

Resolution Health has a long history in providing consumers with a variety of plans that can help them to afford quality medical treatment when they need it. One of their plans is the Resolution hospital plan, an affordable solution to the exorbitant cost of hospitalization in private health care facilities.  

Resolution Hospital PlanResolution Health has embraced advanced technology to provide quality service solutions for their members. Not only does their use of technology provide members with better service, but it also lowers costs, which are passed on to the members, creating ever more affordable medical cover solutions. In recent times the scheme won awards in three different categories during the prestigious Technology 100 Survey. 

What does the scheme offer in terms of hospital plans?

Resolution Health offers only one hospital plan. Their philosophy is simply that a myriad of different plans with subtle differences between the benefits offered simply serve to confuse consumers.

The plan is aimed solely on hospitalization benefits; the reason being that the scheme wants to offer maximum cover at affordable prices without resorting to offer some side benefits that only increase the price of the plan and that decrease the benefits available to members in case of hospitalization. In this way the plan remains focused upon its purpose: providing cover for in-hospital treatment.

That is why the plan does not cover out-of-hospital medical expenses or outpatient treatment. Limited cover is, however, given for trauma treatment and emergencies. 

The scheme pays all in-hospitals costs in full but members must be aware of the fact that only the approved medical aids rates are paid. This does not mean that the bill will be covered in full. Most private hospitals and medical specialists charge far more than the approved medical aid rate. In fact, it can be as much as four times this rate. The difference will be for the pocket of the member.  

 The plan nevertheless offers several advantages and benefits: 

  • There is no limit for hospital treatment. This is an important consideration because some schemes have limits that prove to be totally insufficient for extensive hospital care.
  • The plan includes cover for the cost of take-home-medicines after hospitalization. Such cover is valid for a period of seven days.
  • The plan offers treatment for an astonishing twenty seven chronic conditions, including the medication and on-going management of the condition. However, it is important that such treatment is also paid according to approved medical aid rates that may prove to be insufficient when compared with the actual charges.

What are the exclusions?

  • The scheme will pay no more than just above fifty five thousand rand for cochlear implants.
  • In the case of organ transplants there is a cap of just above eighty three thousand rand.
  • The scheme will not pay more than forty four thousand rand for any prosthesis.
  • The cost of hospice benefits are limited to just more than sixteen thousand five hundred rand.

The Resolution hospital plan is an affordable solution for people that are still young, active and with no family history of dread disease. Potential members must make sure that they understand the terms and conditions and that they are sure that they understand the limitations that are necessary to make this plan so affordable. © Medical Aid Plan



Medical Aid QuoteNOTES:

Your medical aid quote will include options to suit your pocket. Please ensure that the cover you select is exactly what you need and that you understand exactly what insurance you are buying. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the medical aid or hospital cover you choose.