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Medshield Medical Aid

In 2010 Medshield medical aid merged with Oxygen medical aid into one of the largest medical aid schemes in South Africa with hundreds of thousands of members.

Medshield Medical AidMedshield prides itself on good service and affordable premiums. Medshield medical has a GP network of more than 4000 listed GP’s who are Designated Service Providers (DSPs).

The main positive in a company this big is that they can offer you affordable medical aid with a lot of different options to choose from. These options vary a lot and you will find one that suits your personal, family and lifestyle needs.

Aside from the 3 Oxygen medical aid plans (Oxygen Core-Plus, Oxygen Essential and Oxygen Standard) Medshield medical aid offers 5 additional medical aid plans to choose from.

The 80% plan: 

  • This plan offers unlimited in hospital cover at the Medshield network of hospitals.
  • For day to day cover the plan pays 80% of Medshield rates, the rest is due by the member.
  • Co –payments are required for certain procedures.
  • An annual day to day limit of R8000 per family exists.
  • 26 chronic diseases are covered in this plan.
  • Rates starts form R 2676 per month


  • This plan has limited hospital cover in a Medshield network hospital (Overall annual limit of R500 000 per family)
  • A maximum annual day to day limit of R3600 per family exists.
  • Co-payments are required on certain procedures.
  • Chronic benefits are based on a pre-authorization protocol.
  • Rates starts from R1071 per month.


  • This plan has in-hospital cover at up to 200% of the Medshield rates at network hospitals.
  • This plan has an unlimited overall annual limit.
  • Chronic benefit of R10500 per beneficiary limited to R21000 per family.
  • Day to day limit of R10400 per family.
  • 21 GP visits per family.
  • Cover starts at R2787 per month.


  • This plan offers unlimited in-hospital benefits at Medshield network hospitals.
  • Chronic diseases cover of up to R9300 per family.
  • A day to day limit of up to R7700 per family.
  • Up to 19 GP visits per family per year.
  • Rates starts at R1791 per month.

Premium Plus:

  • This Medshield plan has unlimited in-hospital cover at Medshield network hospitals, Cover are paid up to 200% of the Medshield rates.
  • Chronic disease benefits limited to pre-approval.
  • This plan has a personal savings plan to cover your day to day medical costs.
  • GP visits are calculated according to the funds available in the savings plan.
  • Cover starts at R2748 per month of which a savings portion of R687 is included.

All of the Medshield Medical Aid plans include; maternity, child inoculation, oncology, ambulance, emergency services and additional benefits depending on the plan chosen. Using non-network hospitals and doctors will result in additional co- payments.

For medical aid quotes at Medshield medical aid, you can visit their website or employ the services of a medical aid broker. The involved parties will help you acquire a plan that suits both your pocket and your individual needs. © Medical Aid Plan



Medical Aid QuoteNOTES:

Your medical aid quote will include options to suit your pocket. Please ensure that the cover you select is exactly what you need and that you understand exactly what insurance you are buying. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the medical aid or hospital cover you choose.