Medical Aid Plan - Bestmed Medical Aid Offers Beat, Pace and Pulse

Bestmed Medical Aid Offers Beat, Pace and Pulse

Bestmed Medical Aid claims there are specific qualities that qualify it as being the medical aid of your choice. The Bestmed medical aid has been operating for 39 years providing healthcare benefits to second generation of dependents who have the opportunity to become principal members. Administration costs are less than 6% of the fee contributed, and they claim to be the scheme that pays the quickest in the industry.

Bestmed medical aidBestmed medical aid scheme has three groups of options Beat that has 3 plans, Pace with 4 plans and Pulse with 2 plans.

The Beat group consists of:

Bestmed Medical Aid Beat 1 which is geared for the young ambitious individual who is healthy but would like to be covered when hospitalized. Included in this plan are flu vaccines and oral contraceptives.

Bestmed Medical Aid Beat 2 is for you and your spouse who is healthy but would like to prevent unnecessary illnesses. Flu vaccines, contraceptives and immunizations are included in this plan. You would also like more than a basic hospital plan; this plan covers your hospital expenses comprehensively.  Beat 2 covers certain medicines for chronic diseases.

Bestmed Medical Aid Beat 3 is for you and your spouse starting a family. This is an affordable medical aid and included are benefits for maternity. Chronic diagnosed diseases are cover as well as comprehensive hospital benefits.

The Pace medical scheme group consists of:

Bestmed Medical Aid Pace 1 is for you and your growing family covering your hospitalization as well as reasonable day-to-day cover. Keeping you family healthy is important to you, and included in this plan are preventative medicines such as vaccines, HIV testing, and pap smears. Medicine for chronic diagnosed diseases is covered.

Bestmed Medical Aid Pace 2 is for you and your settled family that needs comprehensive day-to-day medical cover. You would also prefer to choose your own doctors, specialists and the hospital you are admitted to. Extensive cover for chronic illnesses is included in this medical scheme as well as benefits when out of the hospital.

Bestmed Medical Aid Pace 3 is for you and your established family who will need differentiating cover of medical and health care. This plan offers inclusive cover when hospitalized as well as for chronic illnesses. Day-to-day medical treatment is covered without you needing to pay out of your pocket.

Bestmed Medical Aid Pace 4 is for the older couple and family who needs more than average medical aid scheme cover. It offers comprehensive preventative benefits, for chronic diagnosed diseases, day-to-day medical treatment, and also when hospitalized.

The Pulse group consists of two options:

Bestmed Medical Aid Pulse 1 is for the professional members who require unlimited cover when hospitalized and comprehensive day-to-day benefits. Included in this plan are cover for medical treatment when traveling, your medicines for chronic disease, Wellness Management Programs and also your visits to your general practitioner.

Bestmed Medical Aid Pulse 2 is for the person who is ambitious and career driven. The plan includes cover that is comprehensive. It gives you a network option removing the complexity of day-to-day medical care costs management. The network covers in hospital and out of hospital treatments, medicines and preventative medicines such as pediatric immunizations and flu vaccines.

The savings plan of Bestmed Medical Aid ensures no cross-subsidization of general day-to-day medical treatment costs. Unused funds become available the next year. © Medical Aid Plan.




Medical Aid QuoteNOTES:

Your medical aid quote will include options to suit your pocket. Please ensure that the cover you select is exactly what you need and that you understand exactly what insurance you are buying. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the medical aid or hospital cover you choose.