Medical Aid Plan - Bestmed Medical Scheme Is Affordable.

Bestmed Medical Scheme Offers Excellent Medical Care to Families

Bestmed medical scheme has been around for over 43 years and pride themselves on a 99.2% claims payout within 15 days. They offer a wide range of plans to South Africans that can provide you with affordable medical aid cover that suits the personal needs of each member of your family. Bestmed have recently merged with Minemed to make the cover they provide even more affordable.

Bestmed medical scheme.With their Healthy habits program Bestmed in conjunction with CANSA is bringing sun care to schools, teaching children about the effects the sun has on your skin as well as how to prevent the serious consequences sun damage can cause.

Bestmed medical scheme has 3 ranges of medical plans available; the benefits vary from plan to plan as with all the other medical schemes.

The Beat range:

The beat range is in essence a hospital plan that pays for in- hospital treatment with an additional out of hospital cover depending on the plan you choose.

• Beat 1: Pays 100% of scheme rates for in–hospital treatment with out of hospital wound care cover.

• Beat 2: Pays 100% of scheme rates for in-hospital treatment with an additional savings account to cover your day to day needs.

• Beat 3: This plan pays 100% of scheme tariffs for hospital treatment; it also includes a medical savings account for day to day expenses as well as maternity benefits.

• Beat 4:  This plan pays 100% scheme rates in-hospital and has an additional savings account for day to day benefits. Should your savings account be depleted the rest are paid with limits out of the schemes risk fund. This plan also includes a vested savings account where unused savings are transferred to the next year.

Pace Range:

The pace range includes a larger savings account to cover day to day benefits as well as hospital cover.

• Pace 1: This plan includes a day to day part as well as hospital cover paid at 100% of the scheme rates.

• Pace 2:  This option pays 100% of scheme rates for hospital treatment and includes day to day benefits.

• Pace 3:  This option includes a vested savings account as well as day to day cover and hospital cover paid at 100% of scheme rates.

• Pace 4:  Hospital cover is paid at 100% of scheme rates. The plan includes a very big savings account for day to day cover.

Pulse range:

The pulse range provides full out of hospital benefits provided by network service providers only.

• Pulse 1: 100% Scheme rate cover for in-hospital care. Day to day includes 7 network GP visits per member and 2 out of network GP visits per family.

• Pulse 2: Hospital cover is provided at 100% of scheme rates. Day to day cover includes unlimited network GP visits and 2 out of network GP visits per family.

As with all other medical aid schemes Bestmed medical scheme also have set rules that the members have to follow and comply with. You can find out more about Bestmed by visiting this page. © Medical Aid Plan.



Medical Aid QuoteNOTES:

Your medical aid quote will include options to suit your pocket. Please ensure that the cover you select is exactly what you need and that you understand exactly what insurance you are buying. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the medical aid or hospital cover you choose.