Medical Aid Plan - Bonitas Options Offer Affordable Medical Aid Alternatives

Bonitas Offers Affordable Medical Aid   


For more than four decades Bonitas options have been at the forefront in helping South Africans access private healthcare affordably. Over the years Bonitas has helped more than 700,000 beneficiaries get the medical attention they need without having to reach into their savings. Over and above helping you to pay for your bills, they help you lower you and your family’s healthcare costs by proactively managing your health. In this way you reduce your risk of contracting lifestyle diseases.  

Bonitas Options Are Ideal for South African Families


Bonitas Options


Bonitas offers a wide range of plans designed to cover both day-to-day medical expenses and the costs of hospitalisation. Depending on your policy you may be limited to the Bonitas network of healthcare providers. Here is a brief explanation of the Bonitas traditional plans: 


Bonitas Primary: With this Bonitas plan you have the option to provide additional cover for children and other adults you wish to list as beneficiaries. You are able to seek treatment in any healthcare facility across the country, enjoying unlimited hospital cover as well as unlimited consultations with specialists or your GP.  


You have unlimited cover for blood tests and x-ray scans at 100 percent of the Bonitas rate.However, cover for MRI and CT scans will be limited to R13,260 per family. Internal and external prostheses, excluding limb replacements, are covered to a limit of R32,130 per family.  


There is unlimited cover for dialysis treatment as well as for terminal care. Cancer treatment is covered to a limit of R165,500 per family. If you visit an oncological facility outside the Bonitas network, you are required to make a 20 percent co-payment.  


Under the maternity benefits you will be entitled to six antenatal consultations and four postnatal visits as well as two ultrasound scans. Along with this there will be health benefits for newbornchilden including paediatric consultations and immunisation. 


Bonitas Primary select: This Bonitas option offers almost the same level of cover as the Primary plan but it restricts you to network providers so that you pay lower premiums. Costs under this plan can be as much as 15 percent less.But you will still have both day-to-day benefits as well as in-hospital cover. You will also enjoy maternity benefits, wellness benefits as well as cover for when you travel outside the country. 


Bonitas Hospital standard: If you still feel the premiums for the select plan are out of reach, you can opt for the hospital standard package. With this plan you only get cover when you are hospitalised following a medical emergency or for a planned procedure. But you are able to get treatment at any facility- even those beyond the Bonitas network. Scans and consultations that are part of your in-hospital treatment will be covered. In the same way that the Primary Select offers lower premiums for treatment within the Bonitas network, the Hospital Select plan is a bit cheaper. 


Bonitas BonComplete: If you want to get a little more out of your cover, you can get the BonComplete cover. With this you will get the benefits of the Primary plan with higher limits for the kinds of treatment that have limits.





Medical Aid QuoteNOTES:

Your medical aid quote will include options to suit your pocket. Please ensure that the cover you select is exactly what you need and that you understand exactly what insurance you are buying. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the medical aid or hospital cover you choose.