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Cheapest Medical Aid


Because of the high cost of medical treatment in South Africa, many people struggle to find the cheapest medical aid with a plan that will suit their budgets.


Cheapest Medical AidThere is a myriad of plans offered by the various medical schemes and the benefits offered by these plans often vary wildly, although they all claim to be the cheapest medical aid. Finding the cheapest medical aid can be tricky because the plan that costs less than any of the others would not necessarily meet the needs of the prospective member.


When looking for the cheapest medical aid in South Africa, one should rather concentrate on finding the plan that is most affordable and that still meets your family's needs.


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Important points to consider


When looking for medical cover that cost little, a few very salient points should be kept in mind.


·            While the various medical schemes are in fierce competition, it is important to acknowledge the fact that no scheme can afford to operate at a loss. Cheap cover simply cannot provide comprehensive medical benefits. The cost of medical treatment in private facilities and by private service providers is very high. It is therefore important to remember that cheap plans are only be able to meet the most basic of needs.

·            A lot of people want cheap medical aid but nevertheless do not skimp on luxuries such as regular holidays, expensive entertainment and top-of-the-range luxuries. Such an attitude is a folly because provision for the best possible medical care should be one of the highest priorities. Many people can therefore afford more comprehensive cover if only they are willing to forego some of the luxuries they indulge in.

·            Many people fail to grasp the fact that cheaper plans are often limited in terms of the cover it offer and also in terms of the amounts that will be available to pay bills. For example, many schemes will promise full cover for hospitalization but they do not reveal the fact that they will only pay the approved medical aid rate. In the meantime, the actual cost of treatment may be much higher than the approved rates and the member will have to pay the difference from his own pocket.The golden rule is simply: You get what you pay for.


Finding affordable cover


One should therefore not merely look for the cheapest medical aid scheme in South Africa, but should rather look for the most affordable plan that will meet the needs of the family. Here are some tips on how to go about it:


·           Many people find it difficult to compare various plans from different schemes with each other. The benefits included differ and the terms and conditions are often ambiguous, even if the premiums are roughly the same. One way to solve this problem is to approach an independent medical broker that has no affiliation with any one medical scheme.

·           There are a number of websites that allow consumers to provide certain personal details on the basis of which several quotations are obtained. These quotations are almost always in a uniform forma, making it much easier to compare the various plans with each other.

·           It is always helpful to look at a few consumer feedback websites that allow people to lodge criticism, complaints and compliments. If a specific medical aid features in many complaints a red light should go on. Similarly, if a scheme receives many compliments it may serve as a reassurance.


It seems as if the cheapest medical aid is not always the best choice. Good health is the most important asset any person has and it is certainly worthwhile making provision for the best possible health care should disaster or disease strike. Read this article entitled Best Medical Aid for more information.




Medical Aid QuoteNOTES:

Your medical aid quote will include options to suit your pocket. Please ensure that the cover you select is exactly what you need and that you understand exactly what insurance you are buying. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the medical aid or hospital cover you choose.