Medical Aid Plan - Clientele Medical Aid Also Offers Hospital Insurance

Clientele Medical Aid Offers Hospital Insurance

Clientele medical aid offers cheap medical aid plans in the form of medical insurance or hospital cash back plans.

Clientele medical aidClientele hospital cash back plans should not be considered as an alternative to medical aid but rather a financial support to help you cover unexpected medical costs or loss of income while you are in hospital.

The Clientele cash back plan differs from the standard form of hospital plans. The cash back plan pays you cash for everyday you spend in hospital where a hospital option pays the hospital and doctors for the services they provided you.

For a more affordable medical aid option, medical aid schemes suggest you use hospital insurance in addition to your current medical aid.

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Clientele medical aid has 3 options available:

Clientele Accident Plan:

• This plan pays from R250 up to R2000 per day you spend in hospital due to an accident.

• Premiums start at R120 per month.

• This plan has an accidental death benefit.

• Cover starts from the first day.

• Additional ICU benefits.

Clientele Hospital Cash Back Plan:

• This plan covers you from R350 to R3000 per day you spend in hospital if you are hospitalized for more than 2 days.

• Premiums commence at R125 per month.

• Payment commences at day 3 of your hospitalization.

• Maternity benefits included

• ICU benefits included

• Pre-existing medical conditions are covered after a waiting period.

• This plan contains an accidental disability benefit.

• After you have paid 60 premiums you will receive a cash back bonus.

Premium Hospital Cash Back Plan:

• This plan pays from R1000 up to R5000 per day spent in hospital if you spend more than 2 days in hospital.

• Payment commences on day one.

• Premiums start at R215 per month.

• Accidental disability cover included.

• Accidental death benefits included.

• ICU benefits included.

• Maternity cover included.

• Pre- existing conditions are covered after a set waiting period.

• A cash back bonus after 60 premiums are paid.

• This plan includes dread disease cover.

How to make Clientele hospital insurance work for you?

• To make hospital insurance work for you, you have to manage the product well and use the funds paid to you in an appropriate manner.

• To make your hospital stay more affordable use the hospital insurance as a form of gap cover to cover the costs your current medical aid does not carry.

• Use Clientele hospital insurance to cover loss of income during your hospital stay and recovery time.

• Use the money you receive to pay for accommodation or meals for your family while you are in hospital, that way it does not need to come out of your personal budget and can save you a lot in the long run.

• Do not use a Clientele hospital insurance plan as your only form of a medical aid; it is not sufficient to cover all your hospital costs.

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Medical Aid QuoteNOTES:

Your medical aid quote will include options to suit your pocket. Please ensure that the cover you select is exactly what you need and that you understand exactly what insurance you are buying. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the medical aid or hospital cover you choose.