Medical Aid Plan - The Different Options Medical Aid Offers

 The Different Options Medical Aid Offers

In South Africa we have a dual health care system. This means public and private health care providers. The public system is usually free of charge, while the private healthcare can be quite expensive. although there are many different options. Hence the need for medical aid. 

Different Options for Medical Aid PlansMedical schemes, have invented  ingenious plans and different options to help you cover the costs of these private healthcare facilities. They have literally dozens of different options for medical aid.

In essence for each of the different options you pay a premium that insures your health, this premium then covers your medical expenses. It is essential that you be aware that most medical aid schemes do have claims limits based on their benefit schemes and the plan you purchase.

Medical aid schemes vary like the seasons, and with all these variation it is sometimes difficult to find a scheme that suits your needs. Factors you should take into consideration when acquiring medical insurance are: the costs involved, your current health status, the specific benefits you need, inclusions and exclusions the medical plan offers, if you are comfortable with supporting only a certain chain of service providers and the amount of cover you need.

There is a wide array of different options available:

  • Comprehensive or traditional plans: These plans basically cover all you medical needs, from day to day cover and in hospital benefits, such as surgery, prosthesis, tests and medication. These plans do have rules and regulations you have to adhere to.
  • Hospital plans: these plans only cover your medical costs when you are admitted into a hospital, the rest of your day to day cover are your own to bear. Some of the hospital plans do have an additional savings option that you can use to cover doctors visits and medication. A hospital plan is less expensive than a comprehensive plan.
  • A medical savings account: With a savings account a part of your premium is placed into the account to cover your day to day medical costs, the whole amount of the savings plan is usually available in advance for that year.
  • Network options: This plan offers you affordable rates and cover at a selected network of service provides. These plans can however be income related, and the premiums are designed accordingly. Apply to see different options.

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Some medical aid plans offer additional bonuses:

  • A no claim cash back bonus.
  • Free magazines and gym memberships
  • Discount on healthy food shopping.
  • Free consultations with dieticians.
  • Free annual medical examination.
  • HIV, AIDS and trauma counselling.
  • Lifestyle bonuses.
  • Free programs to assist with drug and alcohol abuse, and assistance to quit smoking.
  • Additional cover should you travel abroad.
  • Unlimited GP visits.  

With all these options and extras available, choosing a medical plan that is suited to your needs, could be a difficult choice to make. Most medical aids have websites or call centres you can visit to assist with your decision, but in this case the assistance of a medical broker is invaluable. The broker can help you find a plan that is suited to your individual needs and will be able to explain all the terms and conditions in a language that you understand. Read this article entitled Medical Aids Compared for more information. © Medical Aid Plan



Medical Aid QuoteNOTES:

Your medical aid quote will include options to suit your pocket. Please ensure that the cover you select is exactly what you need and that you understand exactly what insurance you are buying. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the medical aid or hospital cover you choose.