Medical Aid Plan - How to Join Medical Schemes: 7 Easy Steps.

How to Join Medical Schemes: 7 Easy Steps

Joining a medical aid should not be a complicated process. In this article we will look at the steps on how to join medical schemes.

How to join medical schemesWhat is a medical scheme?

A medical scheme is a non profit organization that provides medical aid options to cover the private medical costs of their members. In return you pay them a monthly premium.

Medical aid schemes in South Africa have rules set by the medical schemes act they have to follow:

• Open schemes may not discriminate or dismiss an application based on your race, medical history or HIV/AIDS status.

• Schemes have to provide care equal to the care received in a government institution for the list of 260 prescribed minimum benefit conditions. These conditions may not be excluded or have a waiting time imposed on them.

• Schemes are allowed to employ waiting periods, late joiner fees and exclusions.

• Waiting periods are not allowed for; people that have changed jobs and had to change schemes as a result, children born in the time since the scheme have been joined.

• You are only allowed to be a member of one medical scheme at any given time.

The 7 steps to follow on how to join medical schemes.

1.  Find medical aid quotes of all the medical aid schemes available. Study these quotes and find a medical aid plan that is suited to your personal and financial needs.

2.  Fill out and submit an application form, be honest when you fill out the form it might save you some drama later.

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3.  The medical scheme might require that you submit additional information, go for a medical check up or do some additional medical tests. These tests are paid for by the medical aid. They are done to determine if you should have additional exclusions or waiting periods.

4.  You will then receive a letter from the scheme that is called a counter offer. This letter includes the rules of the scheme, waiting periods and exclusions that might affect you, late joiner penalties if you have not been part of a scheme before and the premiums you will pay. This letter is usually valid for 30 days.

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5.  Study the letter carefully, make sure you are comfortable with the waiting periods and exclusions. Do not sign the letter if you are unhappy with it.

6.  If you are sure you understand the letter and are comfortable with the contents you can sign and resubmit it.

7.  You will receive medical cover from the date stated by the scheme.

If you follow these steps on how to join a medical scheme the process should be fairly easy and uncomplicated. Once you have had a medical aid or a hospital plan for a while you will wonder how you ever did without it. © Medical Aid Plan.



Medical Aid QuoteNOTES:

Your medical aid quote will include options to suit your pocket. Please ensure that the cover you select is exactly what you need and that you understand exactly what insurance you are buying. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the medical aid or hospital cover you choose.