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The KeyHealth medical aid is an open scheme and they have been in existence since 1966.


Keyhealth Medical AidKeyHealth is a large scheme and it serves more than a hundred thousand members. KeyHealth is one of only five medical schemes that are allowed to operate within the government employee arena.


KeyHealth is financially strong with a yearly income of more than one and a half billion rand and cash reserves that exceed two hundred and eighty million rand.


What plans are offered by KeyHealth?


The scheme offers five plans that are categorized as a hospital cover, general cover or as comprehensive cover. The five plans are as follows:


  1.   The Essence Plan This is an entry levelhospital plan and makes no provision for day-to-day medical expenses. It does, however, make provision for a number of preventive treatments and procedures. Members must obtain authorization prior to hospitalization. 
  2.   The Equilibrium Plan As with some of the hospital plans offered by the Discovery medical aid, this plan offers comprehensive in-hospital cover. It is particularly generous in the cover that is provided for specialist services. Members also have access to a medical savings account that allows them to manage the cost of out-of-hospital medical treatment and medication. 
  3.   The Silver Plan This plan is categorized as a general cover option. It provides full hospitalization benefits and some day-to-day medical care benefits. It is a very good option for young families that have no chronic conditions but that nevertheless want to make provision for quality care in cases of emergency. The plan also includes a medical savings account. 
  4.      The Gold Plan This plan offers comprehensive cover. Apart from unlimited hospital cover it also offers many day-to-day medical care benefits. 
  5.   The Platinum Plan This plan is similar to the Gold plan but the amount of cover and the list of benefits are more comprehensive. 


All members of KeyHealth Medical Aid have full access to the Health Booster program, regardless of the plan chosen. This program is free of charge and aim to provide members with preventive medical care. Immunization and a number of scans are included as part of this program. KeyHealth believes that the program helps its members to limit the cost of medical care by preventing disease and by diagnosing certain conditions at an early stage. Few medical aids offer these types of benefits freely.


What are the exclusions?


There are certain conditions, medication and procedures that KeyHealth does not cover. Members must make sure that they are fully informed about those conditions and procedures that are not covered. In cases where specific exclusions are unacceptable it would be better to rather select a different scheme or plan. The most important exclusions are as follows:


  • No DNA testing is provided. 
  • There are no obesity related benefits. 
  • No cover is available for any learning disability. 
  • The company will not pay for cosmetic surgery. 
  • Sterilizations are covered but not the reversal  
  •  Gastroplasty is excluded, as is biokinetic services. 


The KeyHealth medical aid strives to be the very best medical aid in South Africa by providing their members with affordable health care and by paying close attention to customer care excellence. The company has a long and proud history in South Africa and their members rate them very favourably. © Medical Aid Plan



Medical Aid QuoteNOTES:

Your medical aid quote will include options to suit your pocket. Please ensure that the cover you select is exactly what you need and that you understand exactly what insurance you are buying. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the medical aid or hospital cover you choose.