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It is certainly no easy task to choose from the wide variety of medical aids that are available to South Africa. Not only are there a large number of reputable schemes, but each one offers a number of different plans that all offer its own mix of benefits. Medical Aid Brokers

In addition, it is sometimes difficult to compare the various plans with each other and especially to comprehend the terms and conditions inherent to each plan.


It is no wonder that so many people are not sure that they have chosen the plan best suited to their individual needs. This is where the services of medical aid brokers can be extremely valuable.


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Most people realize that their health is their most important and precious asset and that they must take steps to make sure that they will be receiving the very best medical care when disease strikes or when accidents occur. Essentially, the many plans offered by medical schemes can be divided into two rough categories:


  1.   Comprehensive plans offer members more benefits and typically provide cover for medical expenses incurred both in- and out-of-hospital. Members have access to dentistry and optometry services, chronic medication and in some cases advanced treatment programs. These plans can be expensive and many people simply cannot afford this level of cover. 
  2.   Hospital plans make provision for the payment of treatment that is provided during hospitalization. Some hospital plans offer additional benefits such as over-the-counter medication and wellness programs, but the focus remains the cover of hospital expenses. 


Some good reasons for using medical aid brokers


  •              Brokers are not affiliated to a specific medical scheme and most successful professionals are able to offer their clients a choice of plans from a variety of schemes. This allows brokers to provide objective advice based purely on the needs of the client. 
  •              Brokers are better able to help their clients compare the benefits offered by different plans and they are experienced in helping their clients understand the terms and conditions and the potential pitfalls of individual plans. Brokers can also help their clients to assess their own needs realistically and to prepare an appropriate budget. 
  •             Many people struggle to communicate with their schemes and they do not always know how to go about obtaining authorization for certain procedures, treatments and hospitalization. A broker is normally able to solve such problems quickly and efficiently. The broker can also help clients to deal with conflict and to obtain answers from the scheme on behalf of the member. (Read an interesting article about the wealth of the medical aid schemes here.) 
  •              These professionals can help people to make sure that their medical cover remains relevant and that their plans are upgraded as their circumstances and needs change. 


Selecting a broker


  •             It is very important to choose a broker that is truly independent. If the broker is tries to coerce clients into choosing a specific scheme without offering viable alternatives then he should probably be avoided. There are brokers that are not truly independent or that prefer the plans from a specific scheme simply because the commission is more lucrative. Consumers should not be embarrassed to ask brokers for proof that they are indeed representing several schemes. 
  •              The prospective broker must also provide proof that he is a registered member of the Council for Medical Schemes. 


Medical aid brokers can do much to help individuals and families to choose the right medical cover. Care should be taken, however, to deal only with reputable professionals that have a good relationship with the various schemes. © Medical Aid Plan



Medical Aid QuoteNOTES:

Your medical aid quote will include options to suit your pocket. Please ensure that the cover you select is exactly what you need and that you understand exactly what insurance you are buying. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the medical aid or hospital cover you choose.