Medical Aid Plan - Medical Aid Quotes for You

Medical Aid Quotes for You

The Internet now enables South Africans to access medical quotes in record time without breaking a sweat, helping them make the right decision on their health cover much faster. Simply complete the form below with your particulars and hit the "Submit Details" button.

Medical Aid Quotes for YouYou will then be sent an email containing a comparative quotation or be telephoned by a knowledgeable consultant to discuss different hospital plans and medical schemes and zero in on the one that best matches your needs and pocket. Gap cover information can also be provided if this option is selected. (Read more about medical aid quotes below the form.)



Medical Aid Quotes for You Come in Different Kinds

As you embark on a quest for medical quotes you need to bear in mind the differences between the two main providers of medical cover in South Africa:

a) Medical Aid Schemes: For any organisation to offer services as a medical aid scheme it has to be approved by the Council of Medical Schemes. This same body has an oversight role in which it ensures that the schemes work in the interests of their members. The Council was established by the Medical Schemes Act. Among the interests which the council ensures members get is cover for the conditions listed in the Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs) list. Contained in this list are hundreds of conditions, including more than 20 chronic diseases. Genesis, Bonitas, Fedhealth and Momentum are among popular medical aid schemes.

b) Insurance companies: There are a number of differences between insurance companies and medical aid schemes despite the fact that they both offer health cover. In terms of aims, insurance companies principally exist to make profits, like any other business. Medical schemes on the other hand are strictly non-profit. In terms of benefits you are likely to get more from a medical scheme than an insurance company as they are not obligated to cover treatment of PMBs. This should offer some serious food for thought while looking at quotes from Old Mutual, Clientele and other insurance firms.

Assessing Medical Aid Quotes for You

What other issues should you consider as you weigh up the benefits and cons of different health covers?

· Health Status: The beauty with being the member of a medical aid scheme is that even if you have a medical condition that requires hospitalisation or specialist treatment, you won’t be turned away. You will still be covered so long as the condition is among the 300 or so PMBs because open medical aids are required by the Medical Schemes Act to do so. Your health status will not prevent you from accessing cover. Those on the opposite end of the spectrum who require minimal health cover should still opt for medical schemes due to the extent of cover offered.

· Type of scheme: The reason why schemes like Bonitas and Discovery Health have hundreds of thousands of members is that they are open, meaning any South African can become a member. But there are other medical aid schemes that require you to belong to a certain union, association, profession or company to become a member. These are closed schemes and include Bankmed and GEMS among others. For these two you have to be a banker or a member of the public service to be able to sign up.

· Other considerations: Are you a resident of the coastal region? Then you need to know that you are eligible for certain special deals. Research shows you are supposed to be healthier than your compatriots in the hinterland; that’s why. Be sure to bring these intricacies when weighing up quotes. Planning to start a family? Then you need to sign up with a medical scheme soon to ensure the 12-month waiting period before the cover becomes active does not hinder access to treatment before and after childbirth.