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Medical Aids Compared


Anyone contemplating joining a medical aid is looking for affordable medical cover that will ensure that they will receive the best possible treatment when it becomes necessary.


The process of comparing the different medical schemes can be extremely difficult. Not only are their many large schemes in South Africa, but each scheme offers many different plans, each with its own terms and conditions.Below, a few of the larger schemes are compared with each other.


Discovery Health: The Giant


Discovery is without any doubt the largest open medical scheme in South Africa. Any online search for medical cover will be dominated by this giant corporation and they are certainly worth considering. The not only offer the public a Medical Aids Comparedwide variety of plans that offer comprehensive cover and hospital plans, but they also manage the Discovery Fund. This massive fund has been set up to address health care problems in poor communities. The scheme also makes large amounts available to the public health service and they are extremely active in the national effort to deal with the HIV / AIDS pandemic.


The range of plans offered by the scheme is comprehensive and is designed to make sure that there is a plan that will suit every possible need and pocket.Every single plan in their Comprehensive series cover the full cost of hospitalization and all members have access to the latest medical technological advances. Members have access to the Delta Network consisting of medical service providers that are under contract to the scheme to provide services at a better rate. This can save members a considerable amount, especially if they need hospital treatment.


Discovery also offers the Core series; a number of plans that specifically aim at covering the cost of hospitalization, although some of the plans in this series also include other benefits. Lastly: the KeyCare series are aimed at low income groups and offer hospital cover at specific hospitals that are part of the Discovery network.




When searching for medical aids online, Bonitas will also feature prominently. This scheme focuses on offering affordable yet quality health cover to their members. Their Bonitas Medical Aidplans offer full cover for the cost of hospital treatment although members must, in most cases, obtain prior authorization from the scheme. The scheme also offers excellent cover for chronic conditions. Some plans cater for the cost of out-of-hospital medical treatment, including visits to a general practitioner and optometry and dentistry services.


Momentum Health


It would be impossible to ignore Momentum when looking for affordable medical cover and when medical aids are compared. This scheme has forged very powerful partnerships and members are able to save up to thirty five percent on their monthly contributions. MomentumMomentum also boat their unique HealthSaver program that allow members to make provision for unforeseen medical expenses above and beyond the cover already enjoyed.




The three schemes mentioned above are just a few of the many excellent schemes available to all members of the public. Medical aids compared is an eye-opener. When choosing a scheme it is important to make sure that the present and future needs of the family are satisfied. It is vital to study the terms and conditions of all plans and to ask questions if anything is unclear. Most reputable schemes pride themselves on their excellent customer service and will gladly answer all questions. © Medical Aid Plan 



Medical Aid QuoteNOTES:

Your medical aid quote will include options to suit your pocket. Please ensure that the cover you select is exactly what you need and that you understand exactly what insurance you are buying. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the medical aid or hospital cover you choose.