Momentum Medical Aid Offers Affordable Options

Momentum medical aid offers a saving of up to 35% on your premiums without reducing your benefits. This is the result of a network of hospitals and medical practitioners that Momentum employs. With that big percentage of saving on your premiums, Momentum could really be an affordable medical aid, coupled with their rewards program and additional fitness benefits you may well be in a win – win situation here.

Momentum medical aidMomentum medical aid offers six different comprehensive options. Most Momentum options excluding the Summit option are based at a network of hospitals and medical practitioners. The additional benefits differ according to the selected Momentum plan. Some of the plans have the health saver option, others a medical savings account and others an annual limit not based on savings or the HeathSaver benefits.

• Momentum Ingwe option: Specialist covered up to 100% of the set rate. R950 000 hospitalisation benefit limit per family per annum.

• Momentum Access option: No hospitalization limits. Cover for Specialists at 100% of the set rate.

• Momentum Custom option: No hospitalization limits, this plan also includes a HealthSaver option.

• Momentum Incentive option: No hospitalization limits, this plan also includes a HeathSaver option. Up to 200 % Specialist cover.

• Momentum Extender option: No hospitalization limits, this plan also includes a medical savings account. Up to 200 % Specialist cover.

• MomentumSummit option: No hospitalization limits. You can visit any private hospital, regardless of the network. Up to 300% Specialist cover.

Additional options to consider should you purchase Momentum medical aid.

• The HealthReturns option: With this option you could earn up to R5400 of GP visits per annum. To earn these benefits you need to go for an annual health assessment and after that lead an active lifestyle, either by going to the gym or walking a certain amount of steps per day with a pedometer reading the amount of steps you take.

• The Multiply option: This is rewards program for all the members of Momentum medical aid. You earn rewards for shopping and leisure activities. Some of the rewards include: Discounted gym rates, movie tickets, hotel stays and flights. Rewards and savings for shopping at specific rewards partners. Free training programs.

• The HealthSaver option: With this option you save money for your medical costs, without any admin or transaction fees.

• HealthWaiver: This option allows a family to stay on the medical aid should the main member pass away, get critically ill or functionally impaired.

• Mobisite: A mobile internet site where you can check your rewards points, find emergency numbers and doctors. Now you do not have to hunt for the phonebook or your computer anymore to find a doctor or an emergency number. It is all at hand.

Very few medical aid schemes are as flexible or offer as many different options to choose from.

For Medical Aid Plan.


Medical Aid QuoteNOTES:

Your medical aid quote will include options to suit your pocket. Please ensure that the cover you select is exactly what you need and that you understand exactly what insurance you are buying. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the medical aid or hospital cover you choose.



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