Medical Aid Plan - One Plan Medical Aid Has a Unique Plan

One Plan Medical Aid Offers a Unique Way to Pay for Your Medical Expenses

One plan medical aid has taken one step ahead of the other medical aid schemes with a debit card system that you swipe at every consultation, resulting in your medical account being paid. This takes the headache out of wondering if your medical aid has paid for your medical visits or hospitalisation.

One plan medical aidOne Plan  is a medical aid alternative that could help South Africans in the lower income groups acquire cheap medical aid, without breaking the bank.

One Plan is underwritten by ABSA insurance management services. One Plan provides a health insurance option and are not a medical aid. The moneys claimed are transferred to your card from where you use it to pay for your medical costs, by swiping your card at any sales point. Your consultations have to be claimed before you visit the doctor, after claiming the funds are released to your card. The One Plan claims process is uncomplicated and can be done via mobile phone. Proof of payment needs to be submitted to validate your claim.

One Plan medical aid uses banking technology to create affordable medical aid and to streamline the claims and payment process, thus reducing administration costs, paper work and time spent on paying medical bills.

One Plan has eight medical aid plans available to choose from. Most of these plans do have co-payments and waiting periods before you can start claiming.

Comprehensive plans:

One Plan Core: This plan covers all the day to day basics but excludes hospital and specialist cover. Premiums from R420 per month.

One Plan Blue: This plan covers hospitalization with an annual overall hospitalization limit of R80000. Day to day benefits are included, specialists cover are excluded. Premiums from R676 per month.

One Plan Professional: This plan covers day to day medical expenses but excludes specialist’s benefits. It also includes hospital cover with an overall annual limit of R80000 per family. Premiums from R861 per month.

One Plan Executive: This plan has day to day and specialist cover. Hospitalization has an overall annual limit of R100 000 per family. Premiums from R966 per month.

One Plan Elite: This plan covers day to day and specialist medical expenses. Hospital cover has an overall annual limit of R200 000 per family. Premiums start at R1149.

Hospital plans:

Executive Hospital: Hospital cover of up to R400 000 per family per event. This plan has no waiting periods and a co-payment of R500 per event. No day to day benefits. Premiums start at R432 per month.

Elite Hospital: Hospital cover with an overall annual limit of R200 000 per family. No day to day benefits. Premiums from R1149 per month.

Health care cover:

One Health Plan: Day to cover with no specialist or hospital options. Premiums from R473 per month.

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Medical Aid QuoteNOTES:

Your medical aid quote will include options to suit your pocket. Please ensure that the cover you select is exactly what you need and that you understand exactly what insurance you are buying. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the medical aid or hospital cover you choose.