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Fedhealth Offers Excellent, Inexpensive Options  


Fedhealth is one of South Africa’s leading medical aid providers. Plans from Fedhealth include cheap hospital plans and comprehensive medical aid cover.

Over the past 83 years they have pursued the aim of making quality healthcare plans accessible to South Africans. With their plans they promise members stability and quick processing of claims. Within five days, your claim should be processed. 90 percent of the queries they receive, Fedhealth resolves on the first call. A network of more than 4,000 healthcare providers across the country assures you of finding affordable treatment close by.


Fedhealth medical aid plans 


Fedhealth flexiFED 1 


If you are just beginning your career, you need affordable health cover. You also need cover that will take care of a young family’s medical needs. You will probably need cover that offers comprehensive maternity treatment. Fedhealth flexiFED 1 is a hospital plan that will cater for your treatment in hospital during admission. It will also cover you for unexpected day-to-day medical costs. A Benefit Maximiser works to extend your cover when you have exhausted your limits.


Plans from Fedhealth - flexiFED 2 


This plan is even better suited to those with young families. It provides extensive maternity benefits to cater for both pre and postnatal care as well as early childhood treatment. You have unlimited maternity cover as long as you get treatment from a specialist or GP in the Fedhealth network.

It is a hospital plan, so it provides you with cover for in-hospital treatment. There is no annual limit for your in-hospital treatment. But in addition to this, it gives you cover for emergency day-to-day treatment. If you exhaust your plans limit, you can fall back on the Benefit Maximiser as well.

You are also be entitled to oncological treatment to a limit of R290,400.



Plans from Fedhealth for South African Families



Plans from Fedhealth - flexiFED 3 


You may have been working for a few years and looking for a medical aid plan for your growing family. With the flexiFED 3, you get comprehensive maternity cover. You also get cover to fully cater for your children’s medical needs. In addition to this you have cover for unexpected day-to-day treatment. The Benefit Maximiser also applies to this plan.

This Fedhealth plan also covers you for 26 conditions listed as Chronic Diseases. Children with eczema, acne or allergic rhinitis can also be treated under this plan.

Plans from Fedhealth - flexiFED 4 

If you have a mature family with grown kids, this is the cover for you. A family with no infants looking for comprehensive in-hospital benefits  want to be flexiFED 4 members. The premiums are significantly higher than for the previous three packages but it offers greater benefits. First of all you have in-hospital care with no annual limit. 

You also have unlimited cover for GP and specialist visits if they are in the Fedhealth network. You can get treatment from specialists and GPs not in the Fedhealth network. When you visit non-network providers you will be covered to 100% of the Fedhealth rate.

With plans from Fedhealth you will be covered for up to 26 conditions in the Chronic Disease List up to a limit of R5,900 per beneficiary.




Medical Aid QuoteNOTES:

Your medical aid quote will include options to suit your pocket. Please ensure that the cover you select is exactly what you need and that you understand exactly what insurance you are buying. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the medical aid or hospital cover you choose.