Medical Aid Plan - Prosano Medical Aid Offers Unique Benefits and Options

Prosano Medical Aid Offered Unique Benefits and Options

Prosano medical aid amalgamated with Bonitas medical aid in 2012. Prosano was founded in 1976 in the Western Cape and before the merger served more than 32,000 clients. The effect of the merger has grown Prosano into one of the biggest medical schemes in South Africa.  

Prosano Medical Aid Has Merged With BonitasWith a wide variety of products Prosano was able to offer affordable medical aid options both to public and private clients. The main philosophy of Prosano was to ensure effective relationships with their service providers, the effect of these relationships allowed the clients to receive the best medical care available in South Africa.  

While still in existence Prosano offered 5 medical aid options: The Prosano ProElite that was considered the most comprehensive package the group offered. The Prosano ProClassic, another comprehensive plan with an additional savings account to cover some of the day to day expenses. The other plans include the Prosano ProVision, Prosano Procedure and Prosano ProVider, these three plans covered different options as their names so clearly states.  

Some unique benefits Prosano medical aid prided themselves on 

• Full time students up to the age of 27 pay child rates. 

• The scheme covers more than 60 chronic diseases. 

• Prosano has unlimited pathology benefits. 

•They have benefits for homeopathy and multi-vitamins. 

• Additional in-hospital Radiology and Maternity benefits where available. 

Even though the merger with Bonitas caused a loss of some of these unique benefits, some of them have been incorporated in the current Bonitas medical aid plans. ]

The fact that the merger created a bigger company is another benefit, with a bigger company and more clients more affordable premiums and a wider network of cover are available to ensure their clients receive the best medical care available.  

Bonitas medical aid scheme offers 5 comprehensive and 2 hospital options. Some of these plans are network related while others are at a hospital of your choice. 

The Bonitas comprehensive plans: 

 Primary:  A Comprehensive plan with an overall annual limit of R1 million. 

Standard: A comprehensive plan with unlimited overall annual limit pays up to 100% of scheme rates. 

BonSave:  A comprehensive plan with an unlimited overall annual limit, day to day expenses are covered by a savings account. 

BonClassic:  A comprehensive plan with unlimited annual limits. Plan covers day to day medical expenses. 

Bon Comprehensive: A comprehensive plan with no overall annual limit. The plan covers day to day benefits. 

These plans all have a myriad of additional benefits available, the limits and payment levels of these benefits vary according to plan. 

The Bonitas hospital plans: 

BonEssential: A hospital plan without day to day cover, at any private hospital. 

BonCap: A hospital plan with day to day cover at Network providers. 

Some additional benefits offered by Bonitas: 

• You only pay for the first 4 children. 

• Students under 24 pay children’s rates. 

Even though all these benefits do not really compare to some of the Prosano medical aid benefits, you will still find great options at Bonitas medical aid. 

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Medical Aid QuoteNOTES:

Your medical aid quote will include options to suit your pocket. Please ensure that the cover you select is exactly what you need and that you understand exactly what insurance you are buying. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the medical aid or hospital cover you choose.