Medical Aid Plan - Sizwe Medical Aid has Advanced Technology and Simplicity

Sizwe Medical Aid has Advanced Technology and Simplicity

Sizwe Medical Aid began in 1978 and is also known as Sizwe Medical Fund. This medical aid was created to serve South Africans in lower income groups as well. It claims it uses the latest and best technology available to give members the best service they can. This enables Sizwe to make their website available on your mobile phone, which is very convenient.

Sizwe medical aidSizwe has three options that you can choose from. Their reasoning is that the terminology is confusing enough; you don’t need to be further confused to decide between all the different options and to what extent is a hospital plan appropriate, or day-to-day care or should you rather go for a savings account.

Traditional Program

The Traditional Program consists of three different options, from the comprehensive Full Budget, the Primary and to the Affordable option. The medical aid scheme options are easy to understand and are simply set out. On the website the complete document of each plan is available for download.

Behind The Scenes Program

The Behind the Scenes Program has 4 different management programs that assist in providing the best medical and healthcare for members. The four programs are:

· Chronic Medicine Program assists members who are diagnosed with a chronic disease. You need to register for this program. Prior to submitting the form, you will have to go through an assessment of your condition as well as an examination.

· Dental Management Plan covers you and your family’s dental needs.

· Hospital Management Program is the general hospital plan that covers your expenses when you are hospitalized. As soon as you receive the necessary authorisation for your hospital treatment, a representative or case manager is assigned to look after you and ensure you receive the best according to your specific plan.

· Member Profiling Program assists you in protecting you and your family against unnecessary costs by checking the claims and identifying illegal, incorrect and unnecessary claims. It also assists you if the wrong claim was submitted.

· Provider Management Program is to ensure that the different medical and health services do not abuse medical schemes, and increasing costs unnecessarily.

Value Added Program

The Value Added Program has three different programs for specific groups of people. They are:

· Accidents or emergency transport and emergency facilities are covered when there is an arrangement between the Sizwe Medical Aid and Europe Assistance South Africa.

· HIV positive or members that are already diagnosed with Aids are covered regarding medical expenses. A team of medical professionals consisting of doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other specialists assists the patient and help with early diagnoses, and education about the illness as well as the management thereof.

· Wellness programs are provided rewarding you and your family for a healthy way of living. You can save money by living healthy. The subscription fees are calculated according to how much or how little you and your family need medical treatment and healthcare.

There are many medical aids in South Arica and it could be wise to receive advice from a broker if you are not sure which one to choose.

Sizwe Medical Aid offers a one-stop-shop in its simplicity of terminology and advanced technology. © Medical Aid Plan.



Medical Aid QuoteNOTES:

Your medical aid quote will include options to suit your pocket. Please ensure that the cover you select is exactly what you need and that you understand exactly what insurance you are buying. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the medical aid or hospital cover you choose.