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Top Medical Schemes in South Africa

There are dozens of medical schemes in South Africa for people of all ages and incomes. You can buy a top of the range Discovery Medical Aid product or simply opt for the cheapest medical aid available.Medical Schemes

If you do not want to join a medical scheme (perhaps you already belong to one through the company that employs you) then you can always just get a Clientele Hospital plan, or one of the many similar, inexpensive auxiliary products featured in this website. Don't forget to look at gap cover so you can avoid out of pocket payments in the event of hospitalization or other expensive medical events.

There are nearly one hundred firms offering affordable medical aid in South Africa. Use the search box on this website, as well as the navigation bars and info boxes, to find the cheapest medical aid for your requirements.



Choosing Medical Schemes

When choosing a medical scheme, it is advisable to get quotes from the top medical aids as well as the lesser known ones to discover which ones offer the best value for money.

Remember that you are not obliged to join medical schemes using a broker. It is possible to get the cheapest medical aid by dealing with the medical scheme company directly.

There are several ways to make sure you find the cheapest medical aid that is also the most appropriate for your requirements. Here are a few tips:

  • Start soon. The earlier you join a medical scheme the cheaper it will be in the long run. This is because the younger members of medical schemes subsidize the older members. By paying premiums early in your life you lock in lower premiums later on 
  • Buy only what you need. The temptation is to go for a comprehensive Discovery Medical Aid product or another top of the range product. When you look closely at the benefits, however, you may find that you are paying too much. For instance, Discovery Health offers a Coastal Core medical scheme for South Africans who live near the coast. If you live in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth or Durban, or anywhere between, then you can save money by opting for this kind of plan. 
  • Mix and match. Often cheap medical schemes are sufficient for the average person’s needs if they supplement their medical aid with a hospital plan and gap cover. A word of warning: a hospital plan may seem to offer generous benefits, but hospitalization in South Africa is extremely expensive, so do not be taken in by the numbers. 
  • Ignore the glitter. Some medical schemes in South Africa offer all kinds of bells and whistles, such as cheap flights and reduced gym fees. Try to look past these gifts and get down to the nitty-gritty of what your costs and benefits really entail. 
  • Know your rights. When you sign up, your medical scheme must supply you with the paperwork regarding the Prescribed Minimum Benefits which, by law, all medical aid firms are obliged to provide. This includes all the costs relating to 27 chronic conditions. 
  • Know your obligations. Every medical aid scheme has a different set of rules as to how you should conduct your membership and submit a claim. Follow these rules to the letter to avoid a dispute with your medical scheme. © Medical Aid Plan 

Here’s wishing you and your family prosperity and good health!