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It is astonishing to see just how many people in South Africa never think about their health, the possibility of an accident or emergency and the cost of the best high-quality treatment. Most people go to great lengths to build a basis of wealth but nevertheless neglect to buy the best medical cover. It is only when a calamity strikes that many people realise that their health is, in fact, the most precious asset they have and that the best medical care they can get is of prime importance.

Best Medical SchemeFinding and joining the best medical scheme should be an absolute priority. South Africans are able to choose from a variety of reputable medical aid schemes, each offering a bewildering array of different plans. To find the best medical scheme you should conduct some research and ask advice from knowledgeable professionals.

How does one go about evaluating a medical scheme?

South Africans are protected in terms of the Medical Schemes Act. In terms of this law all schemes must be non-profit organizations, they must hold enough cash reserves to cover member claims and they simply have to provide cover for those conditions on the Minimum Benefits list. Consumers can therefore rest assured that they enjoy a measure of official protection. 


Other factors to consider when choosing the best medical scheme are as follows:

  • It is vital to evaluate the needs of the family when searching for the best option. Factors such as family history and existing conditions should be taken into account. It may even be wise to ask a medical practitioner for advice regarding the minimum benefits that should be sought. 
  • There is simply no easy answer to the question: “What is the best medical scheme?” The answer will be different for each person. Perhaps the best medical scheme would be the scheme that is able to fulfill all the needs of a prospective member at a reasonable rate. Young people, for example, may need no more than a hospital plan while older people and mature families may need comprehensive cover for day-to-day medical expenses and for the treatment of chronic conditions. 
  • Many people fail to study the terms and conditions of specific plans. It is of the utmost importance to understand the exact nature of the cover offered by a specific plan to find the best medical aid. Some schemes require members to use only approved service providers. Others will only pay the approved medical aid rates. Yet others restrict the procedures and treatments that are available to members for cancer. Failure to comprehend these conditions can lead to massive expenses and disappointment. In most cases, it is advisable to rather ask advice from an independent broker that will be able to explain the differences between the various plans on offer. 
  • Experts agree that it may be best to select an appropriate plan with large and reputable schemes such as Discovery Health. They have a long and proud history in providing the best care to their members. 


Choosing the best medical scheme is a personal matter. It all depends upon personal needs and the budget available. Many employers negotiate better rates with larger schemes such as Discovery Medical Scheme and it may be more economical to make use of such opportunities.

Care should be taken, however, to make sure that it would be possible to continue membership when leaving the employ of the company. In all events, every person should take the trouble to review their cover from time to time. As circumstances change the medical aid needs will also change. © Medical Aid Plan

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