Bestmed Medical Scheme

For more than fifty years, the Bestmed medical scheme has been serving the South African public, providing quality health care plans that are both affordable and comprehensive.

Bestmed Medical SchemeBestmed medical scheme has more than two hundred thousand members. The Bestmed scheme boasts a financial reserve of more than thirty-five percentage points, much higher than the twenty-five points demanded by law. This means that both Bestmed scheme members and service providers can rest assured that claims will be paid and that the scheme is on a sound footing.

It is interesting to note that, compared with other schemes, Bestmed medical aid consistently boasts the lowest annual increases in their premiums. Bestmed utilises the latest technology to make sure that their scheme members receive the best possible service. In fact, Bestmed enjoys extremely high client satisfaction ratings.

What are the Bestmed medical scheme plans on offer?

Compared with schemes such as Discovery Health and Bonitas Medical Aid, Bestmed medical scheme makes sure that their plans are clear and concise. Bestmed Medical Scheme goes to great lengths to clarify benefits and to make their terms and conditions very clear. The Bestmed scheme offers three series of plans:

Bestmed Beat Range of Plans. This series is aimed at young, healthy members that enjoy a low-risk lifestyle. Plans include comprehensive maternity benefits and excellent hospital cover. The treatment and medication for a range of chronic conditions are also fully covered. Members even enjoy cover for the treatment of a variety of mental illnesses, dental surgery, the supply of prosthesis devices and diagnostic imaging. There is also cover for oncology treatment and general health management programs.

Bestmed Pace Range of Plans. This series of plans is meant for those families that are more mature and that may need more regular medical attention. That is why these plans include comprehensive day-to-day medical cover and extremely generous cover for the treatment of chronic diseases. Naturally, full hospitalization cover is also part of every plan in this series. Plans even cover organ transplants, treatment for substance abuse and emergency transport to suitable treatment facilities. Many of these benefits are offered by no other scheme.

Bestmed Pulse Range of Plans. These plans are meant for professionals that have very specific needs and that need comprehensive cover. Not only do the plans offer comprehensive cover for out-of-hospital medical expenses but they also make provision for extremely inclusive in-hospital treatment at the very best private hospitals. Members receive free vaccinations and paediatric immunizations. In addition, the plans cater for theatre costs, refractive surgery and many chronic conditions that are not even part of the Minimum Benefit list.

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So, which is the best plan from the Bestmed scheme?

  • Medical cover can be expensive so it is important to remain realistic. It is best to choose a scheme option that is affordable. This may need some compromises but it is always possible to upgrade when circumstances change.
  • It may be a good idea to ask a general practitioner to perform a risk assessment. The results may help to choose the best medical scheme plan.
  • It is generally better to consider schemes that are quick to answer questions and to provide quotations.
  • Many experts agree that the best course of action is to choose a scheme that offers its member the ability to upgrade or downgrade their plans. © Medical Aid Plan

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