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Bonitas Medical Scheme


The Bonitas medical scheme has a long and proud history of providing South Africans with affordable medical cover. Even when racial segregation ruled supreme in South Africa, Bonitas medical aid strived to provide cover for everybody; regardless of race, creed or heritage.


Bonitas Medical SchemeToday, Bonitas still believes that it is their duty to help South Africans to afford quality health cover. This Bonitas does through innovative plans and by using their membership base to negotiate better prices with service providers.


When it comes to socially responsible medical schemes, Bonitas medical scheme certainly rate at or near the top of the list. Bonitas enjoys extremely high customer satisfactionBonitas Medical Scheme rates and Bonitas has vowed to make use of new technology to offer their clients better services and to continue to assess the health cover needs of the South African population.


What are the Bonitas plans offered?


  1.           Bonitas BonComprehensive Plan  Apart from offering full hospitalization cover and medication for a number of chronic diseases, this plan also offers an unlimited number of visits to a doctor. The Bonitas scheme pays up to three hundred percent of the approved medical rate, which means that it is unlikely that members will have to pay any contributions toward bills from their own pockets. 
  2.          Bonitas BonEssential Plan  This plan is a straightforward hospital plan that would be ideal for young, healthy and fit people and for those that simply cannot afford comprehensive cover. 
  3.          Bonitas BonSave Plan  This plan is also a hospital plan but it includes a medical savings account that can help members to pay for day-to-day medical expenses. 
  4.          Bonitas Standard Plan This plan also offers excellent hospitalization benefits but it includes generous out-of-hospital cover as well. Members have access to treatment programs for many chronic conditions and the plan even includes cover for advanced dentistry treatments. 
  5.         Bonitas Traditional Plan  This plan is designed for those that require affordable medical cover and that need basic benefits only. It does not include medication for chronic diseases and prospective members must be healthy. In terms of this plan the scheme will pay for day-to-day medical expenses and hospitalization at standard medical rates. 
  6.          Bonitas BonCap Plan  In terms of this hospital plan members must make use of approved service providers only. Bonitas will only pay claims for hospitalization and it only pays approved medical aid rates. Bonitas members must make sure that they are aware of the fact that charges above the approved rate will be for their own pockets. 


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How to choose a Bonitas plan


  •               It is vital to budget properly and to make sure that the chosen Bonitas plan can be afforded. That said: too many families see a plan from a scheme such as Bonita medical aid as an onerous expense and only realize the potentially disastrous results of such thinking when calamity strikes.
  •       The budget for Bonitas medical cover should not be an afterthought but rather a very high priority. It is far better to first make provision for this vital cover and to base budgets for other expenses on the funds available after medical cover has been paid. 
  •         Every person and family need to assess their own minimum needs. Many schemes offer prospective members a free risk assessment. Factors such as family histories, existing conditions, the age of the members and even their occupations and hobbies should be taken into account.  


The Bonitas medical scheme has a long and honourable history in South Africa. It is a large, financially sound company that enjoys a high level of loyalty from its members. © Medical Aid Plan

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