Medical Aid Plan - Cheapest Medical Schemes in South Africa

Cheapest Medical Schemes in South Africa Revealed


Cheapest Medical Schemes in South Africa 


If you aren’t subscribed to a medical aid plan of any kind, it's difficult for you to access quality healthcare. Even the cheapest medical schemes are better than no medical scheme at all.


Public healthcare is accessible to virtually anyone, but its quality is not the best. Private healthcare, on the other hand, offers quality but can be very expensive. Cheapest medical schemes exist to bridge this gap and help South Africans get the treatment they need affordably.




Medical Aid QuoteNOTES:

Your medical aid quote from us includes options to suit your pocket. Please ensure that the cheapest medical scheme option you select is exactly what you need and that you understand exactly what insurance you are buying. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the medical aid or hospital plan you choose.



Medical schemes have a range of cheap products designed to meet different needs including the cheapest medical schemes. They are also made with the different income levels of South African workers in mind. If you’re thinking about getting a medical aid plan with a medical scheme, we have some pointers for you. Here are some of the more pocket-friendly schemes:


Ingwe Option from Momentum Health 


With this cover you can get attention at any public hospital or private hospital within the Momentum network. You or your family members won’t have to make any payment for treatment there. However, there'll be an annual limit beyond which you won’t be able to make claims. You will be covered for treatment for 26 to 62 chronic conditions.


You'll have the comfort of being under the country’s third largest medical aid schemes in South Africa.


Keycare Start from Discovery Health 


This is a budget plan that gives members access to healthcare facilities in the Discovery network. Members and their beneficiaries can also visit any state health centre for treatment. This cover caters for day-to-day treatment including consultations with general practitioners, blood tests, x-rays as well as basic dentistry. You also get eye treatment to a predefined limit.


Expectant mothers can access comprehensive pre and postnatal care under this cover. Members and their beneficiaries with chronic conditions are entitled to full treatment at state healthcare facilities only.


As a member of the country’s largest open health scheme, you will have extra peace of mind. You will have no reason to fear that it will collapse any time soon or struggle to process a claim.


Maxima Exec from Fedhealth 


If you want a cover that will cater for your medical needs well into your old age, this is it. You will have unlimited cover for treatment in private hospitals whether or not they’re in the Fedhealth network. And the cover is good not just for in-hospital treatment. Visits to GPs within the Fedhealth network will be fully covered. If you visit specialists listed in the Fedhealth network you will be treated at fixed rates. Other benefits Maxima Exec members can expect include:

·         Post-hospitalisation medication for up to seven days

·         Female contraceptives

·         Outpatient trauma treatment. If you will be seeking treatment for a condition not listed among the PMB, you may have to make a copayment.


Foundation from Resolution Health 


One of the cheapest medical schemes in South Africa, cover from Resolution Health is targeted at low and middle-income earners. With it you can get day-to-day treatment and in-hospital treatment. You can therefore visit a GP or specialist without having to pay out of pocket. This cover is ideal for young families as it offers child and student options.


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