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Compare Medical Schemes



Anyone setting out to compare medical schemes in South Africa and the many plans that they offer will quickly find themselves in a web of confusion and uncertainty.

Compare Medical Schemes


The benefits and the terms and conditions of each plan differ and it is extremely difficult to compare apples with apples.


When you compare schemes, you will discover that quotations are not provided in a standards format and the language used by the medical aids is often coached in legal terms and technical language, making it difficult to understand.


When you compare you will also find that each plan also has exclusions and the terms and conditions are often dependent upon certain criteria being met by the member.


It is no wonder so many people find it difficult to compare and therefore do not know whether they have the best plan for their personal needs!


It is nevertheless very important to do everything possible to compare the various plans with each other before making a decision.


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Medical aid is expensive and everybody wants to make sure that they are adequately covered when they become ill or when an accident occurs.


Things to keep in mind when comparing medical schemes


The following pointers may help you to make an informed decision:


  •               With a little bit of effort it is possible to obtain quotations that are in standard format, allowing consumers to compare apples with apples. Quotations are based upon information supplied by the prospective member. Nothing stops a consumer, however, to design his own quotation form and to ask the various schemes to quote in the format requested. If a medical scheme is not prepared to do this, it may perhaps be necessary to ask oneself if they will be able to provide personalized service once you become a member of the scheme. 
  •               The internet is a marvellous tool for obtaining quotations from different schemes without having to provide the same information several times. It may be worthwhile to search for an independent site, such as those owned by independent medical brokers, and to ask for quotations. Quotations obtained in this manner are normally provided in tabular format and it is relatively easy to compare the different products with each other. 
  •               Choosing a plan is an important matter and consumers should never feel embarrassed to ask pointed questions or to ask the scheme in question to clarify uncertainties. It is vital to make sure that the terms and conditions are fully understood and that they are acceptable. It is even possible to negotiate by showing a scheme that a competitor is offering similar terms at a better price. 
  •               It can be useful to ask other members of plans under consideration about their specific experiences with the scheme in question. Consumer feedback websites also often provide valuable insights as to what members think about their schemes. 
  •               Some schemes offer their members rewards if they do not make claims for a specified period. It is important to find out what these rewards are. 


If in doubt and struggling to compare medical schemes, it may be useful to ask advice from an independent broker that is not associated with a specific scheme. In choosing a plan, the needs of the family and the budget should always be kept in mind. It may even be useful to ask a general practitioner to conduct a risk analysis. © Medical Aid Plan

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