Medical Aid Plan - Can I Join a Medical Scheme During the Covid-19 Crisis?

Joining a Medical Scheme During the Covid-19 Crisis

There is good news for South Africans who are wondering whether a medical scheme will accept themselves and their families as members if they apply during the Covid-19 crisis.

By law, namely the Medical Schemes Act, anyone in South Africa must be accepted as a member of a scheme. The medical scheme itself will determine the risk involved and therefore how much you have to pay. But as long as you can pay the premiums you will be accepted, Covid-19 crisis or not.Join a Medical Aid During the Covid-19 Crisis

Note: A medical scheme in SA is a statutory body. The schemes offer full medical aid plans as well as hospital plans. By contrast, health insurance - such as from Clientele and Hollard - are NOT medical schemes. Health insurance payouts do not relate to actual medical bills, while medical aid payments DO relate to the actual charges for treatments, hospitalisation and medicine.

Certainly it's tough to figure out which medical aid to select. There are two kinds of medical schemes: those that are open only to members of a particular industry or sector (e.g. GEMS which is for government workers only) and which are called restricted schemes. The others are open schemes, so anyone can join these medical aids. Among these famous, leading medical schemes are:

  • Discovery Health

  • Fedhealth

  • Momentum

  • Medihelp

  • Spectramed

  • Genesis

  • Bonitas

  • Selfmed

  • Sizwe

  • Resolution

Important note: Every medical scheme in South Africa offers hospital plans too. These at least cover the Prescribed Medical Benefits (PMBs) and also your hospital expenses.

Make sure you sign up for a registered medical scheme, not just some short-term insurance health cover product. These include plans from Clientele, OnePlan, etc.

Take a look at these two medical aids in particular for affordable hospitals: Discovery Health (the market leader) and Genesis, one of the small, boutique schemes.

The former is generally acknowledged to be a safe and powerful scheme, which has a reward scheme called Vitality. Discovery even offers special plans (Coastal plans) for people living down at the coast.

Genesis, which is a small but powerful scheme, has two super, cheap hospital plans called Private and Private Choice. You get dental cover too with all their plans.

Another interesting is Fedhealth, which specialises in really affordable, minimal benefit plans for low income earners. Momentum, on the other hand, specialises in group health plans.

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  • How to find the best medical aid deal during the Covid-19 crisis

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