Discovery Health Medical Scheme

Discovery Health medical scheme is by far the largest in South Africa. Discovery Health medical scheme provides medical cover for more than two million people. Discovery Health medical scheme is also one of the healthiest schemes and it enjoys an AA+ rating from the respected Global Credit Rating agency. This is a feat that other medical schemes simply cannot equal.

Discovery Health Medical SchemeDiscovery Health medical scheme came into being in 1998 and showed a phenomenal growth right from the start with more than a hundred thousand people joining each year.

Discovery Health medical scheme has cash reserves of close to seven and a half billion rand. Members can therefore rest assured that their claims will be paid.

What plans does Discovery Health medical scheme offer?

Discovery Health medical scheme offer a host of plans that are designed to make sure that every person, regardless of his or her specific medical needs or budget will be able to afford some form of medical cover.

All members have access to medication for some chronic conditions, oncology treatment, HIV / AIDS treatment programs and even renal treatment protocols. It is important to study the benefits of each plan before making a final decision.

If in doubt, Discovery Health medical scheme should be approached for more information or for clarification. The basic pricing of each plan is listed below.

  • The Discovery Executive Plan is the flagship of the company’s product range. The main member contributes just more than three thousand seven hundred rand.
  • The Discovery Comprehensive Series consist of the Discovery Classic Comprehensive Plan at just more than three thousand rand, the Discovery Classic Delta Comprehensive plan that start at two thousand seven hundred rand, the Discovery Classic Zero MSA Plan where the main member pays slightly less than two thousand five hundred rand, the Discovery Essential Comprehensive Plan that cost around two thousand five hundred rand and, finally, the Discovery Essential Delta Comprehensive Plan that cost less than two thousand five hundred rand.
  • The Discovery Priority Series has two plans. The Discovery Classic plan starts at slightly more than two thousand rand a month while the Discovery Essential plan cost around one thousand seven hundred rand monthly.
  • Then there is the Discovery Saver Series. The Classic plan starts at a thousand eight hundred a month. The Discovery Classic Delta plan is less expensive at just more than a thousand four hundred rand and the monthly contributions for the Discovery Essential Plan is roughly the same. The Discovery Essential Delta Plan is even more affordable at a thousand one hundred rand monthly while the Discovery Coastal Plan is slightly more expensive at a thousand four hundred.
  • The Discovery Core Series consist of five plans. The plans in this series are the most affordable medical schemes offered by Discovery medical. The Discovery Classic Plan cost around a thousand three hundred rand, the Discovery Classic Delta Plan is just more than a thousand rand a month and the Essential plan cost slightly more than a thousand one hundred rand. The Discovery Essential Delta and Discovery Coastal Plans cost less than a thousand rand per month.
  • The Discovery KeyCare Series also offer affordable cover and the monthly premiums are dependent upon the income of the member. Premiums range from five hundred rand to a thousand three hundred rand per month.
  • Members are also able to join the Vitality Discovery program at a hundred and fifty five rand per month.

When it comes to medical aid schemes the Discovery Health Medical Scheme is certainly one of the biggest players in the field. Members have access to innovative tools that can help them to manage their medical cover online.


Medical Aid QuoteNOTES:

Your medical aid quote will include options to suit your pocket. Please ensure that the cover you select is exactly what you need and that you understand exactly what insurance you are buying. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the medical aid or hospital cover you choose.



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