Fedhealth Medical Scheme

Fedhealth Medical SchemeThe Fedhealth medical scheme was originally established as the Reef Medical Scheme in 1936. Fedhealth is one of the oldest schemes in South Africa. Fedhealth medical aid has an illustrious history and they continue to provide their members with various plans that make provision for the best possible medical care.

  • Fedhealth boasts more than eighty thousand members, making it not just one of the oldest but also one of the largest schemes in South Africa.
  • Fedhealth has an annual turnover of more than two billion rand and it has more than just adequate cash reserves to honour claims from their members.
  • The law requires that schemes must have a solvency rate of at least twenty-five percent, but Fedhealth maintains a rate of more than thirty-seven percentage points.
  • Fedhealth medical scheme enjoys an enviable AA-rating from the prestigious Global Credit Rating agency.
  • Fedhealth is an open scheme and is therefore accessible to all South African citizens.
  • The scheme has a network of more than four thousand seven hundred doctors, and they are confident that more than ninety-five percent of their members have access to one of these doctors within a ten-kilometre radius from their homes.
  • The scheme also has a network of pharmacies, and they believe that all members live within ten kilometres of a pharmacy that is part of the Fedhealth network.

What plans are offered?

The scheme believes that they have a medical plan for everybody, ranging from straightforward hospital plans to comprehensive cover. Their range of plans is categorized into three series:

  • Fedhealth Ultima Series This series of plans has been designed for people that require extensive medical cover. The plans, which include the Ultimax, the Ultima 300, and the Ultima 200 range in price from just under two thousand rand to more than six thousand rand per month. Members enjoy comprehensive benefits, and in many cases, there are no limits to the treatment that can be accepted.
  • Fedhealth Maxima Series This is the popular range of plans on offer, consisting of very basic hospital cover to comprehensive benefits. The series consists of six different plans that range from less than a thousand rand a month to just under four thousand five hundred rand per month in member contributions.
  • Fedhealth Blue Door Plan This plan is aimed at people with low monthly incomes. The plan is unique in the sense that the monthly premiums paid by members are connected to their incomes. People with low income, therefore, pay less. Some members pay as little as four hundred and fifty rand per month. The plan does not offer comprehensive benefits, but it would pay the cost of hospitalization.

What benefits does Fedhealth offer?

  • All the plans offer unlimited cover for in-hospital treatment and treatment for fifty-six different chronic conditions.
  • Children up to the age of twenty-seven pay child rates. This benefit is not offered by any other scheme.
  • Members can upgrade their plans at any time they wish. Many other schemes allow this only after a year.
  • This is one of very few schemes that offer full cover for people that take part in extreme sports or that practice potentially dangerous hobbies.
  • Take-home medication after spending time in hospital is included in all plans.
  • All plans include emergency medical transport to a suitable treatment facility.
  • Cover is provided for post-hospitalization treatment for a period of thirty days.
  • The scheme offers comprehensive management programs for HIV/AIDS patients.

The Fedhealth Medical Scheme certainly offers their members extraordinary benefits. Their various plans will suit just about any need and budget. You can read more about how to change your medical scheme  here. © Medical Aid Plan




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