Medical Aid Plan - How to Find Affordable Medical Cover

How to Find Affordable Medical Cover  

It is sad to note that so many people in South Africa only realise the value of their health when it is threatened. They neglect to find affordable medical cover for their families. 

Yes, too many people do not take precautions to protect themselves against the extremely high cost of medical treatment. In many cases people have to contend with making use of the public health system because they simply cannot afford the cost of private care. 

How to Find Affordable Medical CoverThe importance of medical cover cannot be overemphasized. Many people argue that the cost of medical aid is too high and that they cannot afford it. Yet those same people will think nothing of paying for luxury holidays and expensive dinners on a regular basis. Before stating that medical aid is too expensive: evaluate your priorities and decide if you should not perhaps forego certain luxuries and rather make provision for quality private care when a medical calamity occurs. 

Points to ponder when evaluating medical aid schemes and plans 

South Africans are served by a large number of medical schemes that are strictly controlled by the Council for Medical Schemes. Between them, these schemes offer a large number of plans. Many people find it very difficult to find the plan that will best serve their needs and that they can afford. Keep the following considerations in mind when searching for affordable health cover: 

  • The plans that offer the most comprehensive cover are not necessarily the best option. Remember: the more benefits the plan offers the more costly the monthly contributions will be! Each person has unique needs. A better route would be to have the medical needs (present and future) of each member of the family assessed by a medical specialist and to choose a plan that will offer cover for those needs. Most medical schemes allow members to upgrade their plans when circumstances change.
  • Many medical aid plans feature a medical savings account that is normally used to manage day-to-day medical expenses. Some schemes carry unused funds in the savings plan over to the following year but some schemes do not. It is vital to obtain clarity on this point because if the unused funds are not carried over it becomes very difficult to build a nest egg for major medical expenses.
  • Consider the services of a medical broker. These professionals are not beholden to any specific medical scheme and they are better able to provide sound and objective advice on which plan will best suit your needs. They are also invaluable when disputes arise because they can act as go-between between the member and the scheme.
  • Experts all agree that it is important to choose a plan that can be upgraded or downgraded as circumstances change. Without this ability it would be necessary to join a new plan when the old plan is not feasible any longer.
  • It is important to conduct some research. There are a number of websites that provide excellent information and advice. Some websites offer users the opportunity to provide relevant personal information and to then produce several quotations from different schemes. It may also be useful to peruse consumer feedback sites to get an idea of the number of complaints or compliments specific medical schemes attract.
  • It is best to select a plan from a medical scheme that is rated as financially sound and that enjoy high customer satisfaction scores. 



Becoming a member of a reputable medical scheme should be a very high priority for every family. Your health is your most important asset and it is worth it to take steps to make sure that you will be able to afford the best possible medical care when it becomes necessary.

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