Medical Aid Plan - Medical Schemes Compared

Medical Schemes Compared

Need help to compare and choose a medical scheme in South Africa? We will have a look at how the benefits for roughly the same premiums at both Bonitas and Discovery medical schemes compared to one another. We will compare some comprehensive and hospital options. But first let us take a look at the basics.

What is a medical scheme?

Medical schemes are non-profit organizations that manage medical aid account on behalf of the members of that scheme. Their main purpose is to provide affordable medical aid and ensure their members receive the best medical care possible.

What is a medical aid?

A medical aid is an insurance product provided by a medical scheme that covers for the financial impact private medical costs can incur. You pay a monthly premium to your medical aid, and they provide you with certain benefits.

Comprehensive Medical Scheme Compared

Medical Schemes ComparedBonitas medical scheme, Bon Comprehensive Plan:

  • Premiums from R3346 per month.
  • Cover includes: a savings plan with above threshold benefits for day to day expenses, refractive surgery benefits, biological drug benefits, chronic cover for 53 conditions and hospital cover. The plan pays up to 300% of scheme rates and includes an unlimited overall annual limit.

Medical Schemes ComparedDiscovery Medical aid, Executive plan:

  • The premiums on this plan start at R 3764 per month.
  • Cover includes: This plan includes hospital cover of up to R10 million when travelling abroad. Unlimited hospital cover in any private hospital. Paid at 100% of the agreed scheme rate. Day to day cover in the form of a medical savings account with an annual limit of up to R11292 per adult. Benefits for chronic medication and new technology or treatments are included.

Hospital Plans compared

Bonitas medical scheme: BonEssential plan:

  • Premiums from R979 per month.
  • Cover includes: Unlimited hospital cover paid at 100% of Bonitas Rates, with an unlimited overall annual limit. Chronic cover is included for 26 diseases.

Discovery medical aid: Coastal Core plan:

  • Premiums from R998 per month.
  • Cover includes: Unlimited cover in network hospitals paid at 100% of the scheme rates. Essential chronic diseases cover is provided (26 diseases). Emergency medical cover for 90 days or up to R5 million while travelling abroad.

Some of the main differences in the medical schemes compared.

You should consider these when you are thinking of purchasing medical cover and the schemes are compared.

  • The premiums. Look for the premiums you can afford
  • The percentage of scheme rates cover you receive. Higher scheme rates cover means less co-payments.
  • Additional benefits you may receive. The more benefits you will receive means better cover.
  • Included day to day benefits vs. Medical savings account. You need to consider if you want to be responsible for managing a medical savings account or if you would rather use the appointed day to day cover.
  • A choice between network or any private hospitals.
  • Cover should you travel abroad.
  • The amount of chronic diseases covered.

It is always wise to consider all your options provided by medical aid schemes before you commit to a product that can have a big effect on the medical cover you receive. © Medical Aid Plan 



Medical Aid QuoteNOTES:

Your comparative medical aid quote will include options to suit your pocket. Please ensure that the cover you select is exactly what you need and that you understand exactly what insurance you are buying. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the medical aid or hospital cover you choose.