Momentum Medical Scheme

More than a hundred thousand families rely upon Momentum Medical Scheme to provide them with quality medical care when it is needed most. The Momentum scheme is one of the biggest medical Momentum Medical Schemeschemes in South Africa and the scheme prides itself on offering its members with innovative and affordable healthcare solutions. In fact, Momentum medical scheme members can save up to a third of their premiums if they agree to use only those service providers that form part of the Momentum network.

Unique benefits that Momentum medical scheme offers

There are a number of benefits offered to Momentum medical scheme members that simply cannot be matched by any of the other medical aids. The most important of these are as follows:

  • All Momentum medical scheme members, regardless of the specific plan chosen, are entitled to free annual preventive care screens and tests. In this way potentially serious conditions can be identified in time for treatment. The earlier any disease is diagnosed, the better the prognosis for successful treatment.
  • Members that have access to the Momentum Healthsaver plan are able to take charge of their day-to-day medical expenses. Members are able to allocate funds in their medical savings accounts to make provision for benefits that are not included in the plan, such as supplements and vitamins.
  • Momentum has an incentive program that will reward members with cash of up to five thousand four hundred rand if they take steps to stay fit. This benefit even includes a free health assessment.
  • Members are able to claim large benefits from Momentum’s health partners. One example is extremely affordable membership of any Virgin Active gym.

What other benefits does Momentum offer?

Of course, benefits vary according to the different Momentum plans on offer, and it is only natural that the more expensive plans offer more comprehensive benefits and higher limits. It is vital to carefully assess your own needs and to choose a Momentum plan that will best suit those needs. If there is the slightest doubt, the scheme should be asked for clarification or advice.

  • All Momentum members are covered for in-hospital treatment. This cover even includes certain procedures that can be performed in a doctor’s surgery or at an outpatient department of a hospital. There are no limits on hospital treatment.
  • Many plans cater for the comprehensive cover of day-to-day medical expenses, including optometry and dental services. Each plan has certain limits and members can be held liable for the cost if those limits are exceeded. Many plans allow members to manage their own medical expenses by means of a special medical savings account.
  • All plans provide full cover for all the conditions that are on the Minimum Benefits list, as prescribed by law. In addition, many additional chronic diseases are also covered.
  • Frequent travelers will be pleased to learn that the Momentum medical scheme offer members additional cover when they travel outside South African borders. This cover can be as high as five and a half million rand. This cover includes a wide variety of eventualities, including terrorist attacks, medical emergencies and even kidnappings! This cover is available at a very modest fee.

The Momentum medical scheme has gone to great lengths to design plans that make provision for every possible need. Members enjoy a variety of benefits that no other scheme offers and they can upgrade their cover when their circumstances change. Momentum also offers all members free access to their extensive web site. © Medical Aid Plan




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