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Medical aid in South Africa

South Africa has the largest population in the region. This in turn calls for many players in the various service provisions. Medical aid cover is one area that has many players and this can sometimes be a difficult challenge to someone trying to find a suitable medical scheme. However, the very fact that there are many schemes with varying services and plans makes the market competitive and the option aplenty for one to choose from.  

What is medical aid?

This is a facility that helps a subscriber to afford medical or health care that they would not otherwise not afford when needed.

Spectramed Medical SchemeSpectramed medical aidis among South Africa’s medical schemes that are straightforward and quite simplistic as regards their plans. It has a savings system from which members can benefit to access a selection of day-to-day healthcare services.

In order to clearly and appropriately serve its clientele, Spectramed runs five different healthcare plans that members can choose from depending on their respective needs and budget.

The plans are:

  • Spectramed Spectra Cobalt
  • Spectramed Spectra Azure
  • SpectramedSpectra Aqua
  • Spectramed Spectra Cyan
  • SpectramedSpectra Capri

Spectramed boasts of carefully designed plans to suit different members with varying and unique needs and pockets. The plans are east and straightforward to understand, but it would be worthwhile to explore them.

Spectramed Spectra Cobalt

Members on this subscription enjoy a comprehensive cover that includes a general hospital planthat is combined with daily medical expenses. However, regardless of the fact that there is an unlimited overall annual limit, all cases that need to hospitalisation must be authorised before the member can benefit from the plan. Some treatments, such as oncology, require registration with third-party service providers.

The Spectramed Spectra Cobalt plan also caters for all prescribed minimum benefits as well as a programme for the management and treatment of HIV and AIDS. However, members must be registered for the “Chronic Disease List” in order to be covered for chronic conditions.  

Spectramed Spectra Azure

This one of the best hospital plans around. The plan provides the member with unlimited in-hospital cover. It also includes visits to the dentist and enables the member to more day-to-day expenses. Its affordability makes this plan very ideal for young families and members. It is good for those members that do not require cover chronic illnesses or conditions.

The plan has its own trademarked Spectramed Benefit Booster plan which clients can use for, among others, such services as:

  • screening benefits
  • specialized dentistry
  • psychiatric treatment
  • alcohol and substance abuse treatment.

The Spectramed Benefit Booster plan, however, restricts members to only have one test per year for cholesterol, sugar, blood pressure and pap smear.

Spectramed Spectra Aqua

For this plan, although all in-hospital benefits are covered, hospitalisation of any kind must be authorised prior to accessing the service. It is suitable for people that are generally healthy but want to be well-prepared for any emergency. 

Spectramed Spectra Cyan

The Spectramed Spectra Cyan subscription is a cover designed for whose daily expenses are extended from hospitalisation. Funded on an annual basis, this plan comes with a savings account members can use to fund certain day-to-day medical expenses. In the event that it is depleted before the year ends, a member is expected to pay for services from their pocket. The good thing about it, though, is that unused funds spill over into the following year.

Spectrum Spectra Capri

This is a plan that is also targeted at healthy members that are want to usually watch their health and want to maintain their wellness. The benefits are for both in- and out-of-hospital cover.

However, this plan has waiting period of up to three months before the facility can be accessed for new members. 

Over and above, Spectramed Medical Scheme is in the competition and promises to provide medical aid to members regardless of their medical history or health care requirements. © Medical Aid Plan


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