Medical Aid Plan - Oxygen Medical Aid for Healthy and Large Families

Oxygen Medical Aid

In October 2010 Oxygen Medical Aid merged with Medshield Scheme, who has been in business since 1968. The result was the fourth largest medical aid scheme in South Africa.Oxygen Medical Aid 

The giant, new medical aid provides cover for medical treatment for young people, the healthy, single people, you families, as wells for the older people who need chronic medication. The plan includes hospital cover and day-to-day benefits. When looking for an affordable medical aid you should get a quotation from Oxygen or Medshield.


The special benefits for you, adds value and are included in all plans:

  • Emergency Services – There is 24/7 access to the emergency services for you and your family. This includes emergency assistance per telephone.
  • Management Programs - The value added aids are available to all members. These programs include Aid for Aids, Chronic Medicine Management, Oncology Disease Program, Hospital Management, and Independent Clinical Oncology Network.
  • Fast Claims - All claims are attended to within a day and they promise a maximum delay of 14-second before calls are answered.
  • Chronic Illnesses - Medical Services Organisation Member Care supports caring for and handling of specific chronic illnesses such as asthma, diabetes, and heart disease.
  • Pharmacies – There is a network of pharmacies where you can fill your prescription or buy medicine off the counter.
  • Medshield Wellness – This benefit offers various tests safeguarding you by helping you find possible illnessesthat can be treated at an early stage, or to prevent it completely illnesses from occurring.   

There are a different medical aid schemes to choose from.

Core Plus

The Core Plus is based on an old Oxygen medical aid plan, and is perfect for the healthy, fit, and the young who don’t often visit the dentist, the general practitioner, or the optometrist. The hospital plan covers emergency hospitalisation. Medical expenses due to the emergency are covered up to 200% above the medical aid tariff. There are 27 chronic conditions that are covered by this medical scheme. Twelve maternity consultations out of the hospital are paid. This is not a hospital cash plan.  

Essential Plan

The Essential Plan is for the young and healthy group who needs an affordable medical aid. This plan has a hospital plan that covers the basics. The MediValue Plan gives you the option to upgrade hospitalisation. Themedical aid cover out of the hospital is limited.  

Mediplus Option Plan

The Mediplus Option Plan has unlimited cover for hospitalisation, and it covers 32 chronic illness on the Prescribed Minimum Benefits list. Complementing the hospital plan is the savings plan which is self-managed.  

Standard Plan

The Standard Plan has a wide-ranged hospitalisation plan and it also covers major medical treatments. Chronic medicine is restricted. Part of the plan is the savings account for the day-to-day medical treatment costs.  

One of the reasons why Oxygen medical aid is an affordable medical aid is because with all the plans, you only have to pay for the first child, making it the perfect medical aid for a large family. Remember that Oxygen now falls under the Medshield banner.