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Oxygen Medical Aid SchemeWhen the Oxygen Medical Aid scheme merged with the Medshield Medical Aid in 2010 it became part of the fourth largest scheme in South Africa, serving more than a quarter of a million members. Medshield has been around since 1968 and the combined company now offer a wide variety of medical aids that will suit most needs and budgets.


What Is Oxygen’s Core Plus Option?


This Oxygen Medical Aid hospital plan has been designed for young people that are fit and healthy and that have no immediate need for comprehensive medical cover. This plan does not cover visits to a general practitioner, a dentist or an optometrist, but it certainly pays the expenses for in-hospital treatments and medicines, also in cases of emergency. The plan pays twice the prescribed medical aid rate, making it very unlikely that the member will ever have to foot part of the bill. In addition, twenty seven chronic conditions that appear on the Prescribed Minimum Benefit list are also fully covered.


More About The Mediplus Plan for Hospital Costs


The surprisingly affordable Mediplus plan offers members unlimited in-hospital coverage at double the approved medical rate. Thirty-two chronic conditions that are listed on the Prescribed Minimum Benefits list are also included. This includes treatment programs and medication. Emergency evacuation from anywhere in South Africa is also included in the cover offered by this plan.


This Oxygen medical aid plan does not only offer hospital cover, however.It makes provision for certain day-to-day medical expenses, including visits to a general practitioner, optometry services and even dental services. Members must be prepared, though; these costs are not fully covered by the plan and members have to pay a portion themselves. It is important to study the rules of the plan carefully before making use of these benefits.


But What About Cover For Other Chronic Conditions?


It is possible to obtain cover from Oxygen medical aid that surpasses even those benefits offered by the Mediplus plan. This plan makes provision for just about all the chronic conditions. It is suitable for more mature members because it also makes provision for day-to-day medical expenses, as well as emergency treatment and evacuation.


The plan covers all in-hospital expenses, although prior approval must sometimes be obtained before being admitted. All the conditions listed as Prescribed Minimum Benefits are fully covered. Other costs, such as those for radiology, pathology, dental care and optometrist services are also part of the plan.


And What Is The Essential Plan?


The Essential plan offers basic and limited in-hospital cover. It has been designed to suit those that cannot afford comprehensive cover and that is still healthy and fit. Members are able to upgrade to a MediValue plan, which offers in-hospital cover and some limited out-of-hospital benefits. Your broker will be able to provide full information.


The Oxygen Management Plan


Because Oxygen wants to offer its members the best possible service medical care they have implemented a comprehensive management plan that covers a wide variety of health management issues. There is a benefit management plan, a disease plan, an Independent Oncology Network, and HIV/AIDS management program and even an emergency services plan and an extensive pharmacy network. © Medical Aid Plan



Medical Aid QuoteNOTES:

Your medical aid quote will include options to suit your pocket. Please ensure that the cover you select is exactly what you need and that you understand exactly what insurance you are buying. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the medical aid or hospital cover you choose.