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Oxygen Medical Scheme


The Oxygen medical scheme came into being in 2010 when it successfully merged with the Medshield medical aid. It is the fourth largest scheme in South Africa, serving more than two hundred and fifty thousand members.


Oxygen Medical SchemeMembers are especially impressed by the scheme’s claim that they pay all claims within a single day. They have sophisticated systems in place to achieve this very high level of service. Oxygen medical aid is a financial giant and enjoys the sought after AA- credit rating reassuring members that there are  sufficient funds to cover future claims.


What is Oxygen’s basis for success?


Analysts agree that this company is one of the fastest growing medical schemes in South Africa. It also enjoys very high levels of client satisfaction. Oxygen bases their success on strict adherence to four vital policies relating to customer service excellence and superb medical care.


  •        Regardless of the plan chosen, all members have unrestricted access to a myriad of benefits such as hospital management, oncology treatment programs, the management and treatment of HIV / AIDS related conditions and a sophisticated chronic condition management program.
  •        The company is adamant that every single claim will be paid within one business day. They furthermore promise that they will answer their telephone within fourteen seconds. These are not idle promises. The company regularly audit their own performance and the promises are actually kept. This is one of the reasons why Oxygen enjoys such a high customer satisfaction rate.
  •       Every single member, regardless of the plan they have chosen, have access to twenty-four-hour-a-day emergency medical services. This is a feat no other scheme can equal. Members are also able to obtain telephonic advice round the clock, even on weekends and holidays.
  •        The company has founded a Medical Services Organization that help members to manage a long list of chronic conditions. Diseases such as asthma and diabetes are included in this list.


What plans do Oxygen medical scheme offer?


The scheme offers only three plans, each one designed to fulfil very specific needs regarding medical care and cost. The company is of the opinion that a large number of plans serve no purpose other than to confuse consumers. Members may upgrade or downgrade their cover as their personal circumstances change.


1.  The Core Plus Plan is designed to meet the needs of young people that are fit and healthy and that maintain healthy lifestyles. The plan includes full and unrestricted hospital cover and a limited amount of cover for the treatment of some chronic diseases.

2. The Essential Plan is designed for people with lower incomes. It is a truly affordable plan because the scheme caps the contribution of members according to their incomes. This does not have any influence of the benefits enjoyed by such members. The plan includes a medical savings account that helps members to manage their out-of-hospital medical expenses.

3.  The Standard Plan is the most popular product in Oxygen’s range. Apart from full and unrestricted cover for hospitalization, it also provides extensive cover for all other major medical expenses. There is limited access to medication for the management of chronic conditions. Out-of-hospital medical expenses are managed by members, using their medical savings accounts.


The Oxygen medical scheme has grown so fast and so big because they place such a high emphasis on customer service. Their plans are straight forward and easy to understand. Members enjoy excellent benefits and they have access to services few other schemes offer.





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