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The Prosano medical aid was found in 1976 and originally only served members in the Western Cape of South Africa. Today it operates throughout the country and has more than thirty two thousand members. It is an open scheme, which means that any member of the public is entitled to become a member.


ProSano Medical AidThe company is financially strong and boasts an AA- from the Global Credit Rating agency, an honour shared with other big schemes such as Bonita and Sizwe medical schemes.


The Pro Sano medical aid has gone to great lengths to build solid relationships with a network of service providers that include hospitals, pharmacies, general practitioners and specialists. By negotiating special fees with these service providers Prosano is able to offer its members cheap medical aid without compromising quality care.


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What are the various plans on offer?


Prosano medical aid offers five distinct plans, each one designed to address very specific medical cover needs.


1.  The ProVision Plan This plan is essentially a hospital plan that will be ideal for younger people that are healthy and that lead healthy lifestyles. The plan covers all expenses in cases of hospitalization. In many instances members are required to obtain prior approval before being admitted to hospital. Emergency treatment and maternity care, even out-of-hospital, is also covered.

2.  The ProVider Plan  This plan would be a good choice for young families that must still watch their budgets very carefully. The plan makes provision for full cover in cases of hospitalization, but it also offer certain day-to-day medical care benefits. This is an especially affordable plan because the monthly premiums paid by the member are based upon his income.

3.  The ProClassic Plan This product includes a medical savings plan that is designed to help members to manage their day-to-day medical expenses. Once the money in the savings account is exhausted, members have to pay for medical expenses from their own pockets. The plan includes extensive in-hospital benefits but members are required to obtain authorization from the scheme before admittance to the hospital.

4. The ProCedure Plan This plan is specifically designed for people that earn less than four thousand rand a month. The plan makes provision for hospital care but members have to make use of approved facilities and they have to use service providers that are part of the approved network. Hospital cover is capped at a hundred and fifty thousand rand per member with a maximum of half a million rand for the entire family. One of the main benefits of the plan is that consultations with a general practitioner are not limited.

5.    The ProElite Plan This plan offers members all-encompassing cover for general medical expenses as well as hospital benefits, which has been described as particularly generous. Treatment and medication for many chronic conditions are included and members are expected to manage their out-of-hospital medical expenses with the medical savings plans, which form part of this plan.


The Prosano medical aid is not one of the largest in the country but is has shown considerable growth since it merged with the Bonitas medical scheme. Prosano has always prided itself in excellent member relationships and products that are specifically designed to help members to afford quality medical care when they need it most.




Medical Aid QuoteNOTES:

Your medical aid quote will include options to suit your pocket. Please ensure that the cover you select is exactly what you need and that you understand exactly what insurance you are buying. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the medical aid or hospital cover you choose.