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After Resolution Health Medical Aid was first found in 1998 they grew at a rapid rate and now represent around a hundred and fifty thousand members. According to the scheme their immediate and increasing popularity can be ascribed to the unique benefits offered by the scheme. 

Resolution Medical AidOne of the major advantages offered by resolution is the fact that they pay such a high priority on customer service. Claims are processed immediately and in most cases paid within forty eight hours. 

Resolution enjoys an enviable AA- status with the Global Credit Rating agency. They are in an excellent financial position and that is one of the reasons why they pay claims so quickly. 

What plans do they offer? 

Resolution offers five distinct plans, each designed to cater for the needs of very specific target groups. 

  1. The Hospital Plan. This plan is an excellent option for people that are young and fit, that are able to pay for their everyday medical expenses or who cannot afford more comprehensive cover. However, hospitalization can be extremely costly and it is a wise move to, at the very least, make adequate provision for such expenses. The plan offers cover for a host of in-hospital treatments, including surgical procedures, maternity expenses, a variety of diagnostic scans and even intensive care. The plan also includes trauma benefits and even some oncology cover.
  2. The Foundation Plan. This affordable plan boasts a sliding scale whereby the member contribution is determined by their income. The cost can be as low as just under five hundred rand a month. It offers full hospitalization benefits, unlimited access to a general practitioner, basic dental and optometry benefits and the services of a specialist network. In addition, treatment for twenty five chronic conditions is included in the plan.
  3. The Progressive Flexi Plan. This more comprehensive plan offers cover for day-to-day medical expenses and cover for hospitalization. Monthly contributions start at a thousand two hundred rand and child beneficiariespay only slightly more than three hundred and fifty rand.
  4. The Progressive Saver Plan. This plan is similar to the Progressive Flexi Plan but the amount available for day-to-day medical expenses depends upon the savings a member has made. Unused funds in the medical savings account are carried over to the following year.
  5. The Prestige Plan. This is the flagship plan offered by Resolution. It offers the most comprehensive cover of any plan by any medical scheme. It make provision for unlimited hospital benefits and excellent day-to-day medical benefits. 

Other services offered by Resolution 

Apart from their attractive plans, Resolution Medical Aid has also introduced some other services that appeals to most of its members.  

  • All members have free and full access to the Preventive Care Program. This plan helps members to live healthily and to prevent disease by early diagnosis.
  • Resolution has entered into an agreement with ER24 to provide its members with quality emergency services.
  • Members are able to opt for additional cover when they travel abroad.
  • The unique ResoBaby Maternity Program help members to deal with the rigors and cost of expecting a baby.
  • The Zurreal4Life program offers members rewards such as discounts on certain online shopping venues and some free legal advice benefits.  

On 1 August 2012 Resolution Health and the National Independent Medical Aid Society amalgamated, making them an even bigger player in the field of private health care.

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Your medical aid quote will include options to suit your pocket. Please ensure that the cover you select is exactly what you need and that you understand exactly what insurance you are buying. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the medical aid or hospital cover you choose.