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Top 10 Medical Aids in South Africa 


If you’re looking for a good medical aid in South Africa, because the health care scenario is very stormy, you’ll want the right information and guidance. This is so that you can be steered in the right direction when it comes to choosing the best medical aid.

Informed Healthcare Solutions or IHS is like your lighthouse in stormy seas as they make things a lot easier for you in choosing a trusted, reliable medical aid.  They advise and inform and allow you to compare the top medical aids in South Africa, being fully aware that the medical scheme industry is always changing.


They know for instance that you’ll want to know what your medical aid’s policy is on the use of certain doctors and clinics. By directing medical aid members to a network group of doctors and hospital, the medical aid is able to negotiate discounted rates.  If you go to a doctor who doesn’t have this agreement, you could end up paying ‘out-of-network’ rates which works out to be far more expensive.  


Some of the top places that IHS will recommend to you for getting excellent medical aid are -


·         Bonitas

·         Medihelp

·         Momentum

·         Genesis

·         Hosmed

·         Fedhealth

·         Selfmed

·         Bestmed

·         Discovery.... and others


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Medical Aid QuoteNOTES:


Before you select the medical aid you believe is the best for you, you at least need to have an idea of what your typical health care costs are. Other things you need to consider when choosing the best medical aid are -





·        whether they offer full cover as well as good hospital plans and which is the best plan to go for in keeping with your budget? Certainly if you having ongoing health problems, you’ll want full medical cover as opposed to a hospital plan.

·         check your budget – full medical cover is by no means cheap and if you go with a full medical plan for you, your spouse and children, know what your monthly contributions are going to be.

·         check the medical scheme’s payment record and their solvency ratio so that you know that they can pay out claims and do it timeously.

·         check out the benefits offered – check out day-to-day limits and what co-payments you will have to make.

·         find out about exclusions. This is because some schemes might not allow you to claim for certain conditions up to a certain period. Be aware of exclusions and waiting periods before signing up with any medical aid.

·         the above-mentioned medical schemes, according to law, pay for the treatment of certain conditions as well as a list of 270 procedures which are known as PMBs or Prescribed Minimum Benefits.

An excellent place to compare medical aids and get a quote is They use the data you supply them with and provide quotes in keeping with your health and budge t.


Undecided – a Broker offers Unbiased Advice


If you’ve got absolutely no idea how to make sense of all the medical jargon and you haven’t got clue how to choose the right medical aid, contact an independent broker as they don’t promote any single scheme but offer unbiased opinions on all the schemes and their plans.

We’ve all got different medical needs, and it’s not unusual for South Africans to switch from one medical aid to the next as they try to find the one that matches best with them.


These tips can help you when making the right decision on the best medical aid that suits your unique needs, lifestyle and budget.




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