Discovery Medical Aid

Discovery medical aid is the largest player in the field of medical cover in South Africa. The company is a financial giant that enjoys excellent credit ratings everywhere in the world.

Discovery Medical AidIt enjoys unusually high customer satisfaction rates and very few health service providers will show away a member from the Discovery medical scheme.

The company places a very high priority on providing cover for people from every walk of life. That is why they offer an extensive range of plans.

Discovery’s philosophy is that every citizen of South Africa should be able to afford some form of medical cover. They furthermore continue to gauge the needs of the market and they regularly revise their plans and introduce new products.

What does Discovery offer?

The company offers four series, each with a number of plans. These series of plans have been designed to meet well defined needs and budgets. They are as follows:

1. The KeyCare Series This series consist of two plans; the KeyCare Core and the KeyCare Plus plans. Both plans require members to make use of only those service providers that are part of the Discovery network. The plans are affordable because the company has negotiated better rates with those service providers that are part of their network.

2. The Core Series This series consist of five different hospital plans. They are affordable plans because they specifically cater for covering the cost of hospitalization only, although some of the plans in the series do offer very basic cover for day-to-day medical expenses. The plans are: Essential Delta Core, Classic Delta Core, Coastal Core, Essential Core and the Classic Core plan.

3. The Saver Series These plans make provision for general cover that consist of cover for both in-hospital and out-of-hospital medical cost. There are five plans: the Essential Delta Saver, the Classic Delta Saver, the Coastal Saver, the Essential Saver and the Essential Priority plan.

4. The Comprehensive Series The plans in this series offer the most wide-ranging cover. It consists of the Essential Delta Comprehensive, Essential Comprehensive, Classic Priority, Classic Delta Comprehensive, Classic Comprehensive and Executive plans.


A quick summary of what the plans offer

· The Executive Plan is the most comprehensive plan offered by any of the various medical aids. Members have full access to chronic health care programmes, extensive hospitalization benefits, day-to-day medical care, trauma treatment and even experimental medical technology. In some cases members may even receive treatment at facilities abroad.

· The Comprehensive Plans all offer excellent hospital cover, treatment for certain chronic conditions, day-to-day medical treatment benefits and a medical savings account. All members of Comprehensive plans have access to medical technology programs.

· The Delta Plans are designed to be affordable and members of these plans must make use of approved service providers only.

Discovery Medical Aid is a giant among the various medical schemes that operate in South Africa. Discovery goes to great lengths to offer plans that will suit the needs of just about every household and they are able to offer affordable plans by negotiating better rates with service providers.

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