Momentum Health 2019 Premiums

Momentum Health has a unique approach to your medical wellbeing and wealth.

It has options that can save you a ton of cash.

It has loads of FREE preventative health screening benefits. And it has a number of added incentives, making your healthcare journey a stress-free ride.

Add these plus-factors to Momentum’s reputation for quick and seamless claims settlements and you have a recipe for success. Momentum’s 2019 plans

Established in 1966, Momentum has grown into one of the country’s leading asset management and insurance companies. And it plans to stay ahead of the pack in 2019. Ensuring long-term stability by balancing medical aid Momentum Health Costs in 2019contributions is core to its success, says the head of Momentum Health Marketing, Damian McHugh.

Momentum Health Increases for 2019

Momentum is combining its average annual increase on premiums of 10.7% in 2019 with a host of new products that McHugh believes will give clients better value for money. Changes are also being effected to some of Momentum’s existing medical aid plans to help streamline its services. Innovation and flexibility have been the hallmarks of Momentum’s rapid rise as an industry leader over the last two decades. With medical plans such as Gap Cover, Provider Choice, Health Saver, Health Return and Staff Care Solutions, Momentum continuously strives to reinvest and improve its product range. Listed as the fourth largest private medical aid scheme in South Africa, Momentum has more than 260,000 beneficiaries. 2019 medical aid premiums

Momentum Health Monthly Premiums

Monthly premiums for 2019 (principal members) are as follows:

  • Ingwe – from R407 to R2,651
  • Impact – R2,229
  • Custom – from R1,515 to R2,521
  • Incentive – R2,006 – R3,406
  • Extender – from R4,580 to R6,464
  • Summit – R9,269

Ingwe from Momentum Health

The cost of an Ingwe plan is based on salary levels. The cost of all other plans is determined by consumer choice based on the use of State facilities or private hospitals.

Spotlight on different healthcare options


  • Network Hospital benefits
  • 100% of the scheme tariff rate
  • Limited to R1,26 million per family annually
  • Annual Sub-limits – Psychiatric and oncology treatments subject to PMB list
  • Chronic medication benefit
  • 100% of the scheme tariff rate
  • 27 PMB Chronic Disease Conditions
  • Day-to-day benefits(including savings)
  • 100% of the scheme tariff rate for using primary care service providers
  • GP’s: Unlimited from Ingwe Primary CareNetwork. Pre-authorisation required from the 11th visit. One network visit per person, with a maximum of two visits per family annually, subject to a R100 co-payment.
  • Specialists: Two visits per family subject to R100 co-payment and further subject to a referral from a network doctor.
  • Basic Dentistry: Unlimited from Ingwe Primary CareNetwork. Pre- authorisation needed for more than four extractions or fillings.
  • Monthly contributions (using network service providers)
  • Monthly income – R701 to R6 800
  • Principal member – R835
  • Spouse – R835
  • Children – R382 each
  • Monthly income – R6,801 to R9,000
  • Principal member – R 1,062
  • Spouse – R 1,062
  • Children – R 397 each
  • Monthly income – R9,001 to R12,500
  • Principal member – R 1,479
  • Spouse – R 1,479
  • Children – R 435 each
  • Monthly income – R12,501+
  • Principal member – R2,094
  • Spouse – R2,094
  • Children – R617 each

The Incentive Option

Savvy consumers opt for Momentum’s Incentive Option because it provides unlimited hospital cover. With no overall annual limit, members have the option to use any private hospital. However, the incentive of this medical plan is that by opting to use a Momentum network hospital they will receive a discount on their monthly policy contributions. The same principle applies to chronic treatment and medication. Members can select any doctor or use any pharmacy but, if they stick to Momentum’s network of service providers, they qualify for further discounts on their monthly premium payments.

Maximum incentive benefits

To receive maximum premium discounts, members who use State facilities for their chronic health needs receive the highest premium rebates. Apart from a range of benefits including screening tests and prescribed check-ups, 10% of their contributions are channelled into a Personal Medical Savings Account to cover day-to-day healthcare expenses.

Chronic benefits

The policy covers 32 conditions, 26 of which are on the Chronic Disease List of Prescribed Minimum Benefits. There are no annual limits on the PMB listed chronic conditions. The additional six chronic conditions are limited to an annual expenditure of R9,300 per family.

The Summit Option

Although we have highlighted Momentum’s most affordable medical plans, the Summit Option is its top-of-the-range product, offering fully comprehensive healthcare benefits.

Clients can use any private hospital and have the freedom of choice when it comes to their chronic and day-to-day healthcare needs.

Monthly premiums Principal member – R9, 269 Spouse – R16, 682 Family of three – R18, 811 Family of four – R20, 940


Momentum is a tried-and-tested medical scheme provider. It strives to tailor its policies to suit people from all walks of life. Its choice of healthcare products is all-encompassing. Its monthly premiums are competitively pegged.


Medical Aid QuoteNOTES:

Your medical aid quote will include options to suit your pocket. Please ensure that the cover you select is exactly what you need and that you understand exactly what insurance you are buying. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the medical aid or hospital cover you choose.



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