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  • Why Medical Aid Cover is Essential

    Find out why medical aid cover is essential in South Africa today, where the public health system is under enormous pressure and only private health care will do for your family

  • What is a Medical Aid?

    What is a Medical Aid? All the answers to your questions about what a medical aid scheme can and cannot offer. Discovery Health, Fedhealth, Gems and Sizwe

  • What is a Medical Aid Scheme

    What is a medical aid. Find out the advantages of South African medical aids in providing health care and medical treatment. Discovery, Momentum, Genesis, Fedhealth, Liberty

  • What Does Medical Aid Cover

    What does medical aid cover. Find out so you make sure you are buying the right medical scheme product to ensure the good health of your family

  • Weekend Vaccinations

    Weekend vaccintations in South Africa. B4SA welcomes weekend vaccinations and opening of registrations for 35- to 49-year-olds.

  • Watch Out for Medical Aid Payout Ceilings

    Medical aid payout ceilings and who they affect most and how to protect yourself against possible financial losses. This is a must read article for South African medical aid members

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